morning 03.20.17

Newly discovered Matariya colossus is probably of King Psammetich. AKA Psamtik I. He’s the one who Herodotus claimed had children raised without language to see what the first word they would say would be, to determine the oldest language.

Study of ancient skulls suggest there may have been multiple migrations into the Americas. Nothing much to see here except someone positing one wave that entered the Americas earlier originated in Australia.

Air Force’s Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Nears Orbital Record. Shit. I knew that there are military space drones, but I cannot fathom why they’re staying in orbit for so long.

Laibach’s Opening Act: A Man Chopping Wood with an Axe. Someone at Dangerous Minds also has a peculiar feeling that Laibach is relevant again.