morning 03.17.17

Tricky blogging with a three year old squirming in my lap, having me to explain the use of a space bar and asking when he can go swimming.

Rex Tillerson Rejects Talks With North Korea on Nuclear Program. North Korea threatens nuclear war. Poor Japan. This is terrifying because the Trump administration really is stupid enough to attempt regime change using Seal Team 6. Fall out won’t bother them because it would put China in an extremely precarious situation. Likely nothing too extreme will come of this. I wrung my hands for years in worry over maneuvering against Iran during the second Bush administration.  Still… Cheney wasn’t stupid and seemed to have a faction in the administration working against him. No such restraint here.

Trump’s NASA budget cancels Europa lander and Asteroid Redirect Mission. Reckon it’s not worth getting too worked up, since we’re in load more trouble. Odd that there was no mention of changing priority to the Moon over Mars.

Lakes on Titan may fizz with nitrogen bubbles. Cassini.

It wasn’t just Greece: Archaeologists find early democratic societies in the Americas. “Western civilization.” Ha. Tres Zapotes. Tlaxcallan. Mexico. Very, very interesting.

Collective governments do tend to rise and fall in cycles, Blanton says. In Oaxaca, the political pendulum swung between collectivity and autocracy every 200 to 300 years, judging from shifts in the layouts of dominant sites and histories recorded by colonial chroniclers. “Democracy isn’t a one-shot deal that happened one time. It comes and goes, and it’s very difficult to sustain,” he says.

Fresh look at burials, mass graves, tells a new story of Cahokia. Mound 72.

“When the Spanish and the French came into the southeast as early as the 1500s, they identified these kinds of societies in which both males and females have rank,” he said. “Really, the division here is not gender; it’s class.”

Earliest Depiction of ‘Fiery Serpent’ Found in Medieval PaintingDracunculus medinensis. Guinea worm. 15th century.

Interview with Alan Moore, by Dominic Wells. I still haven’t cracked open Jerusalem.

The Sheffield Tape Archive is a Post-Punk Demo Treasure Trove.

How Sebastian Gorka Catapulted From Far-Right Obscurity In Hungary To The White House. Thomas A. Saunders III is a name previously unfamiliar.