morning 03.10.17

Better. This is better.

Scientists rewrote the DNA of an entire species. Yeast. The research is admirable, but considering that only in past year or so it was confirmed that there is actual information in the way DNA is folded and not merely the sequences, it might not go well. We’re in the midst of a great extinction anyway. Why not?

The Caynton Caves look more spectacular than I imagined. It’s that mood lighting probably.

Researchers create ‘time crystals’ envisioned by Princeton scientists. “…atoms are arranged in patterns not only in space, but also in time. In addition to containing a pattern that repeats in space, time crystals contain a pattern that repeats over time.” Non-equilibrium systems. They require prodding by laser to keep atoms in this cycle.

Neanderthals Munched on ‘Aspirin’ and Woolly Rhinos. Plaque in teeth of individual with tooth abscess showed evidence of poplar. The detail about Neandertals and Homo sapiens sharing the same pathogen for tooth decay 48,000 years ago is interesting too. Not sure what to make of that yet.

Dolmen at Kibbutz Shamir 4,000 years old. Israel. 50 ton capstone. Bones of an adult male, an adult female and a young child. Engraved art in ceiling. Beads.

Scientists have used hair to locate where distinct Aboriginal groups lived in Australia up to 50,000 years ago. It’s extremely surprising to see that the groups remained that static.

morning 01.27.17

Organisms created with synthetic DNA pave way for entirely new life forms. Huh. I thought this was old news from 2014,1 but the process has been improved. The immune system of the organisms (E. coli obviously) have been tweaked so that all DNA not containing the synthetic bases is destroyed. Hm. Okay.

A Four Planet System in Orbit, Directly Imaged. HR 8799. 129 light years distant in constellation Pegasus. The star is 60 million years old.

It’s the Drummer That Matters. A review of a memoir by Laurie Lindeen of Zuzu’s Petals. Petal Pusher. Damn. I forgot that Zuzu’s Petals existed. They sound far better than I recall. (Totally ignorant of the Paul Westerberg and Replacements connection.) Yes- the best rock memoirs are by people who remained on the periphery. My fave’s Julian Cope’s Head On/ Repossessed but we’ve covered that dozens of times.

Dangerous Minds threw up a link to this 1993 BBC compilation of Late Show performances. (No Nirvana.) I hate that it makes me a little nostalgic, because I wasn’t even that fond of some of these bands. Still not.

Shit. I was driving around with Elijah to stumble onto Marnie Stern’s In Advance of the Broken Arm still on the iPod, long neglected. It’s disconcerting to accept that this album will be ten years old this year.

Samuel Beckett: Man of Letters. Review of a collection of his letters. No, I’ve read no Beckett yet, only seeing performances of plays.

The Multiple Multiverses May Be One and the Same. Causal patch is a nifty concept. That needs to be hung onto to. In my hazy readings back in the ’80s, I think I was exposed to the Hugh Everett explanation early without knowing exactly who he was,2 and never much paid attention to the individual big bangs idea, aside from some sci-fi and comic books.


  1. See! I can remember a few things! []
  2. The garbage can anecdote still lingers though. []