Red Deer Cave People likely hybrids with archaic hominids

It’s going to be interesting to see how this research unfolds. If the Red Deer Cave people are archaic hybrids, then who were the archaics? Denisovans, Neandertals (not likely,) Homo erectus, or some other people altogether?

Because this is southwest China, it’ll be quite interesting to see this possibly directly tie into the other research in Indonesia.

Red Deer Cave people

Human Remains from the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition of Southwest China Suggest a Complex Evolutionary History for East Asians.

Mysterious Chinese Fossils May Be New Human Species.

‘Red Deer Cave people’ may be new species of human.

I’d seen mention of the Red Deer people for a few years now. After the Denisovans turned up, I failed to remember them, although I eagerly anticipated some interesting fossils that had already been discovered in China being re-examined in this new context. The new paper states that no genetic material has been recovered from these bones. All that is know so far is that these bones have archaic features that are unusual for that time and region. They might be Denisovans, have Denisovan admixture, or have a different lineage altogether.

The most remarkable part is that these bones are between 14,300 and 11,500 years old, which is really damned recent.