i hate my local newspaper

It’s the Hammond Daily Star. Normally, i try to read nothing more than the classified ads, but every so often, something catches my eye that is not the usual account of a kid playing in a fountain or a local socialite showing off her garden. “Jindal stars at McCain meeting.” No one is ever going to read the comment that i left over there, so:

Are you even dimly aware of your hero’s record as the representative for LA-01? He was ranked 432 out of a possible 439 in the US House and 196 out of 202 elected House Republicans in terms of overall effectiveness during the 110th Congress. His claims of accomplishments are dubious at best. This story repeated by rote of how Jindal helped deliver his wife’s child at home is touching, but why do we not hear more often about the account that Jindal wrote for the New Oxford Review, about him personally confronting and exorcising an actual demon? For all of the hype surrounding Jindal, he comes off more as a manufactured pop idol than a “rock star.”

It might also be wise to utilize that journalism degree to report that when McCain was directly question about Jindal as VP in Baton Rouge, McCain said that Jindal has “a full schedule and a full agenda.”

Yep. I’m just repeating old talking points against Jindal that didn’t work when he was running for governor. The power ranking might not be a fair meter for a freshman congressman, but we should aspire to have someone who only ranked just above the ones caught in embezzlement, bribery or sex scndals. Even disgraced Bob Livingston stuck aroun in his job representing LA-01 long enough nearly to become Speaker of the House… before he was busted as a hypocrite adulterer during the height of the Clinton impeachment.

The video of McCain answering the Jindal as VP question, from Daily Kingfish:

This “columnist”1 seems to have been in that room, and heard that out of McCain’s own lips, yet didn’t see fit to mention a relevant response, but makes that nonsequitor of the exhausted anecdote of the birthing of the baby2

  1. He’s also one of their reporters. []
  2. … which prompted my gratuitous exorcism dig. []