morning 02.11.17

Yesterday was a mess. Kid woke up 11 PM Thursday vomiting. Kat took the brunt of most of his care, but I was still up helping and didn’t get back to sleep for quite awhile. I woke up at 3 AM to ready myself to receive a truck at 5 AM Friday. Yesterday was a total loss and this morning I’m still dragging. Elijah is still sick this morning. We just spent about two hours watching video clips, from the Move to T. Rex to Buzzcocks to Bill Withers to Sonic Youth.

A Danish astronaut has captured the best-ever images of rare blue flashes. Blue jets!

The Nihilist Spasm Band. I’m absolutely certain that I never heard of these guys before now. Damn. 1960s noise rock from Canda.

Georgia man with apparent white supremacist connections arrested for having ricin. He showed up at a hospital after getting ricin all over himself. The FBI weren’t monitoring him previously apparently. There’s barely been any mention of this, despite it being a clear domestic terrorism incident.

Does College Radio Even Matter Anymore? I loved when I’d listening to the sprawl of shows on WTUL in the ’90s and later the shows on KLSU, especially Stanislav’s The Little Lighthouse.

Trump Aide Derided Islam, Immigration And Diversity, Embraced An Anti-Semitic Past. Michael Anton was also a speechwriter for George W. Bush. This isn’t Trumpism. It’s Republicanism.

This philosopher predicted Trump’s rise in 1998 — and he has another warning for the left. Richard Rorty. Hm. This runs counter to most of what I’ve been chewing on for the past several of years. It’s very sterile. It leaves out all mention of greed and corruption, masking it instead with fear of mentioning redistribution of wealth antithetical to suburban voters. Yeah, right. That is not what Hillary Clinton, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Cory Booker, ect. are really concerned with.

Why Tom Perez can’t be trusted to run the Democratic Party. It won’t matter if I quit if Ellison doesn’t get the job. The party is dying because its establishment cannot bear the thought of moving away from its easy money.

Carlton Higbie seems to be the choice to replace Sean Spicer. He seems a combative, paranoid meathead. An actual true believer. This will go well.

Good enough for the moment. A significant portion of this post was left in draft from the early hours of yesterday anyway. The ICE raids across the country deserve some links and there were a number of interesting stories loaded up in the phone’s browser that I’ve been too strung out from sleep deprivation to read.

anthrax suspect suicide: too little, too late, too convenient

Please forgive me for smelling bullshit with this new story about the scientist committing suicide because he was to be the new target for the nearly seven year old anthrax investigation. Not so oddly, Bruce E. Ivins seems to have been involved in original investigation, even testing the powder in a letter sent to a senator’s office.

I’m not suggesting Ivins was a patsy, but he was a convenient tool. From the article, it seems that he did some outrageously suspicious things, like conducting at least two unauthorized testings for anthrax at his workplace in U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases at Fort Detrick, both without informing his superiors. It’s bizarre that it took until 2006 before Ivins was targeted.

To have an obvious person of interest so close at hand for so long only proves that Bush’s FBI doesn’t give a damn about domestic terrorism, especially when used by people sympathetic to their policies. I have no doubt that the Bush administration instructed the FBI to slow the anthrax investigation until the invasion of Iraq was well underway, especially in remembering Colin Powell’s shameful performance before the U.N. with his vial of white powder.

This stinks. Let’s not forget how Seymour Hersh recently mentioned how Cheney was actually considering dressing U.S. Marines as Iranians, in fake Iranian PT boats, and fraudulently presenting a confrontation in the Strait of Hormuz, to provide an excuse for war with Iran.

Lone anthrax mailer? Maybe. Five years before he is targeted? Very weird indeed. Never charged and brought to trial? Yeah, right…1

  1. Wow. Even the sane, sober Marcy Wheeler is remembering the “suicide” of David Kelly. []