The blogging routine is off-kilter. It feels wrong and lazy. Something has to change.

Was Kim Jong-nam killed by VX nerve gas? Doesn’t look like it. Oh really?

Census document from Cortez period rediscovered. In Poland. It’s miraculous it survived.

How Facebook, fake news and friends are warping your memory. Hm. Interesting. Usually being an outsider might somewhat spare me from this effect, although I have my own serious memory impairments. The Iraq as Vietnam argument doesn’t seem terribly persuasive though. How’s that a false memory? The ebola outbreak is annoying too, because it seems forgotten or ignored that ebola was mutating. I was more scared of it than I should have been, but viruses are not immutable. Even that prediction about Truman being as forgotten as McKinley by 2040 seems as fishy as hell. Being the first person to authorize the use of atomic weapons would seem to outshine slightly a largely forgotten war with Spain.

DeVos and the “Free Lunch” Flimflam: Orwell, Neofeudalism, and the Destruction of the Welfare State. Ah, neofeudalism. Good stuff. The elites clearly want the populace to be as ignorant as possible.

Outsmarted. Rick Perlstein. I’ve trashed The Great Gatsby so long that I forgot that passage (and pretty much the whole fucking book.) Oops. Awesome. Connecting liberalism’s penchant for eugenics fits nicely with how now charter schools are the flavor du jour. Some people cannot be allowed to reproduce. Some people aren’t worth the effort to educate.

Hillary Clinton’s TV ads were almost entirely policy-free. “But her platform!” If Hillary hadn’t wasted everyone’s time babbling about Russia instead of how she was going to improve people’s lives, she would have won. Oh, right. She couldn’t’ do that. “America’s already great!”

A couple of Steve Bannon links to check back on.

New Ty Segall EP. Sentimental Goblin. I don’t even have the latest album yet.


2 thoughts on “morning 03.09.17

  1. It’s not just The Great Gatsby, I don’t think any of Fitzgerald’s novels have any relevance or are even well-written. (The stories I’ll leave off criticizing for another time) My animus is better directed at all the teachers and professors who include him as one of American literature’s cornerstones. They’re damned fools, shoving an easy-to-understand author down the throats of unwitting students. The Whit Stillman of American letters. Tender Is The Night is as bad as it gets.

    You were right about Trump: he continues to screw up, no one reacts in a meaningful way, and he goes on to his next fiasco, untrammelled. While I wouldn’t be surprised if Obama (or others) had wiretapped our Esteemed Leader, I just can’t muster up any sympathy for Trump. He’s ripping people’s lives apart. I hope all his malignity is revisited upon him.

    Bill Paxton: likable prescence, had a few hits, good for him. I liked his turn as Everyman in A Simple Plan.

  2. I forgot Paxton is in A Simple Plan! There’s something odd going on there. I absolutely could not remember the man until he was dead.

    Fitzgerald. Cool. I was doubting myself there. Sometimes I get these opinions lodged in my head but cannot even recall how they started.

    Trump. America’s a sham. It’s far beyond anything I could imagine. The only things that have been keeping us going until Trump is theater and etiquette.

    It’s worth adding that I don’t feel particular right about anything. I still ponder the probability than Trump was Hillary’s stooge and it all went wrong, because she’s simply that arrogant and inept. She’s in hiding to emerge as Charles II in 2020, after the people are sick and weary of Trump’s gross indulgences. She’ll keep most of what he’s done intact but put a veneer of politeness over it. People will be so grateful for that politeness. Anyway, that’s the plan. It’s a silly game the Democrats are playing. It’s a future that’s never going to happen.

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