The Rise and Fall of a K Street Renegade. This is a perfect anecdote as to what the fuck is wrong with the Democratic Party. Evan Morris was too gauche with his wealth to weather this. Despite his absolutely horrendous unethical behavior, it’s a shame that he killed himself. He could have turned evidence against some other similar operators. David Vitter bonus appearance! Another piece already has a bit of a followup.

The Anarchists vs. the Islamic State. The more I read about this, I feel like the CIA is psy-oping the fuck out of us. The Kurds are fairly heroic recently. Pisspiggraddad makes me laugh. The CIA is almost certainly manipulating leftists to support interventionism in Syria. (With the news features, that is- The Kurds would be out there fighting anyway and their embrace of foreign fighters seems real.) It’s a parallel narrative to the White Helmets material that was getting pushed in Time magazine, focusing more on sympathies of bleeding heart liberals. I cannot help but admire these damned fools are going to die for a cause I find admirable.

Four Details about Surveillance and the Flynn Ouster. None of this fits into my weird, unsupportable theory about Russia finding Flynn too compromised to bother with, so they gave the thumb’s up on jettisoning him (and they have Tillerson now anyway.) Wheeler points out that the FISA order was unlikely to have been directed at Flynn, because the FBI wouldn’t have needed prompting to monitor Flynn in December. They would have already been in progress. That FISA is for someone else. Interesting.

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