Kid’s feeling well enough to watch Blue’s Clues while I listen to Bert Jansch and dig through some more news.

It’s cool to see the War Nerd is reading Ismail Kadare. The Siege isn’t a Kadare I’ve read.

Fresh eruption from Mount Sinabung in Sumatra yesterday.

Yemen Withdraws Permission for U.S. Antiterror Ground Missions. “Huge success.”

Steve Bannon Cited Italian Thinker Who Inspired Fascists. Julius Evola. Bill pointed this one out to me yesterday. He was all over René Guénon back in 2004 and I didn’t know what the fuck Bill was on about. Bill’s chortling in amusement that the bizarre turn of events that has brought Evola to such surprising prominence. It’s too bad The Young Pope isn’t more about Pius XIII ranting about Evola instead of his trauma of being an orphan. (I still like it. It’s more fun than Westworld.)

Federal agents conduct immigration enforcement raids in at least six states. There were anecdotes on Twitter last night of ICE agents snatching up mothers from a HEB grocery in Austin, from a women’s shelter in Los Angeles, and following school buses to grab parents picking up their kids. It doesn’t look like ICE is targeting allegedly dangerous felons. I don’t give a damn about the legal status of these people. What seems to be happening is fucking immoral and inhumane. The newspapers are even reporting that the actual legal status of who ICE is grabbing up doesn’t matter. If people cannot produce papers immediately, they are detained.

This incident is chilling. It’s uncorroborated, but I believe her. Check the rest of her time. It’s absolutely illegal.

Explosions, gunfire, low-flying helicopters rattle Bywater residents early Friday. Jade Helm redux. NOPD says it’s the U.S. Army.

?”The training involves the use of training simulations and helicopters. This is done at night to simulate environments our troops may encounter in operations overseas,” said a statement from the NOPD.

Yeah. “Overseas.”

I read of this project, but never heard it! A guy I friended through Louisiana DSA organizing (which I’ve slacked terribly on this week, missing the inaugural meeting) Superior Viaduct is re-issuing this on vinyl.

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  1. Hey, I read The Siege!! Well-mounted novel, no surprises, it’s Kadare.

    George Saunders = Donald Barthelme plus a generation. Both are short-story masters who never really warmed up to the longform. Barthelme’s a weird writer; the New Yorker’s (magazine) concession to postmodern literature. Almost as if his stories were the prose equivalents to the goofy New Yorker cartoons that were concurrently appearing. Likable, but worthy only of faint praise.

    The ICE raids cannot be legal; that is, if the travel ban is not going to hold up, how can random attack/grabs at an HEB store or walking one’s dog be legal?? That’s posse justice. It must take a mountain of paperwork and documentation to form any basis of action; I can’t see this administration functioning under any sort of framework. Or, they’re winging it. I hope the lawyers sock it to our Esteemed Leader. It’ll be easier now, since Trump has pissed off every single member of the US judiciary. It’s very rotten that lives are being shattered; it won’t be long before the pendulum swings back, with equal force, upon the hatemongers.

    It’s ironic that Bannon trumpets The Art Of War, a work that is all about stealth, subtlety, and not giving one’s game/artifice away. UNLESS….this is a smokescreen, and China is next. I watch Chinese news every night, and I can tell you two things about China’s leader, Xi Jinping: he is a hard-liner, and he does not suffer fools gladly. Mess with him, and all hell will break loose.

    1. You nailed it with Saunders! The prose equivalent of a New Yorker cartoon. I loved his work early on, but the more I read, the more quaint and static it felt. He’s still enjoyably in doses, but I’ll be damned if I can spare time for him anymore. You’ve saved me from my guilt of ambivalence.

      I don’t want to give Bannon more credit that he deserves, but he might recommend Sun Tzu because an easy signifier. If he threw Edmund Burke and Julius Evola at the bulk of the DC crowd and more importantly Trump, it would go right over their heads. He could use a recognizable name to telegraph his intellect and bookishness.

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