Playing with my kid this morning cut into reading and posting time. No great loss. Actual net gain.

Ancient DNA reveals genetic ‘continuity’ between Stone Age, modern populations in East Asia. Devil’s Gate, Amur Basin on border of Russia and China. 8,000 years ago. Have to come back to this one.

Abu Dhabi archaeologists unearth rare, well-preserved Stone Age house. 7,500 years old. Marawah Island. Three rooms. A jar from Iraq was found. This doesn’t seem to be the same building that they dubbed a “house of the dead”. The archaeologists previously mentioned that an entire village is here. The excavation on that island have been going on quite awhile. This old blog post from 2004 has them finding a skeleton from the same period.  The island itself is quite tiny now. I need to see stop fucking around with Trump stuff to see if there’s a map of how large Marawah Island was during that period.

This is what Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was like in college. He was an asshole. Pro-fascist. Pro Reagan in Iran-Contra scandal. Pro-apartheid. Pro-beating of black student protesters. If he was a student today, he’d be attending Milo and James O’Keefe rallies. Bonus, he’s at least second generation government. His mother was head of Reagan’s EPA and she sucked badly. She was an ally of that racist shithead William Coors. It’s unnecessary to know any of his rulings. Gorsuch is bad, very bad.

Is Steve Bannon the Second Most Powerful Man on Earth? Considering that Trump has dementia, no. Bannon has been controlling Trump. He would be the most powerful.

Bourgeois Feminist Bullshit. Rebecca Traister is an absurd character who never much appears on my radar aside from her outrageous Bernie Bro takes. She’s probably utterly irrelevant to our future as anything other than a comic foil. This is the first I’ve been exposed to her usual gig, feminism as consumerism. Christ. This is yet another exhibit on why fascism has devoured the nation.

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