This post is no fun at all. With each story, a very nasty narrative unfolds. Paranoia and despair abound.

Hill staffers secretly worked on Trump’s immigration order. They signed NDAs  before Trump became president and their bosses in Congress didn’t know a thing. Compromise and implicate everyone. Divide and conquer. Steve Bannon is making sure there is no paper trail at the White House. Nope. Not ominous. Erik Prince is advising Trump. Almost ancient news now, but in context with this weird truck convoy sighted near Louisville, Kentucky, it seems more sinister. A DSA guy who says he’s former SOF says that it doesn’t look like surplus equipment to him, too new and too modded. He thought it looked like SOF, but if it’s new, fancy, and has no markings, mercenaries sounds more like it. Hm. That’s… deeply fucking unnerving. With Bannon on the NSC and the Joints Chief of Staff and the head of CIA out, it feels weirder. It’s coming out that Jared Kushner is largely cut out of the loop (in part because of his observation of Shabbath) and is furious. Bannon has outmanuveured Kushner. Add this little horrifying meditation on this past weekend, and it’s terrifying. This was written before the acting head of the DoJ was fired, then very under-reported news of the firing of the acting head of ICE.

Bannon is not a master manipulator super-genius, but he doesn’t have to be. Everyone is playing the old game and haven’t come to terms that what’s happening is not the usual ritual in the United States.

I’m fucking terrified. Trump will fail. Eventually. History will remember him and his allies as monsters, fools, and fascists. However, the amount of damage between now and that future is impossible to estimate. How long will this last? How far will it go? Things feel very bleak.

This morning the Intercept unloaded a massive series documenting hidden powers of the FBI. I’ve just browsed the titles of the articles in the overview. Nauseating. Off to work.

Blogging every day about someone who died is not productive, but someone posted this today in memory of the passing of John Wetton. I love me some Larks Tongue in Aspic and especially this song. I hate Asia, but Wetton sang for my favorite King Crimson era.

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  1. I see your first sentences as a cri de coeur. Please don’t let the dragons of our times sap your will or enervate your spirit. This is a fight. What you say reassures your friends and gives a kick in the teeth to anyone else.

    I’ve always refrained from giving any political views here or elsewhere because I don’t think anyone gives a s–t about them. But, a couple of thoughts:

    It’s not just seven countries under this fatwa—there will be plenty of others. This was only a test balloon sent out to gauge its success.

    I don’t think Trump will have a long shelf life, and one way or other, I do not expect him to serve a complete term. He’s pissing everybody off, although the yahoos on Yahoo! comment boards are still giving him the adulation.

    I’ve been reading a lot of Janet Malcolm lately, and she brings this fellow up a lot:

    Section 4 of that link—about pathological narcissism, borderline and grandiose personalities—seems relevant here. Not that analysis would do a lick of good, the milk is out of the bottle.

    Our country has seen others just as worse: Lindbergh in 1940 with his “America First”, Tail Gunner Joe McCarthy. The country survived. We’ll survive this shithead as well.

    My wife, who is from Kaifeng, has her Green Card. Even though that means that the monkey is off our backs, I still have great concerns about the volatility and instability of the government. Given time, this will extend not just to “foreigners”, but to you and me as well. Still, I don’t believe it will be a lengthy term for DJT.

    Very sad about Wetton (and Lake and Kantner, etc.). In addition to everything else he did, his collaborations with Steve Hackett were primo.

  2. Thanks, man.

    I don’t have a strong belief that our country will survive as we have known it. It’s impossible to say if that’s a good thing or not. It seemed like a lot of this was on the horizon during the Bush years. There was a slight sense of relief when Obama took office, but it quickly crept back. I expected a very shitty time under Hillary, with more surveillance, more austerity, more corruption, and possibly an open war with Iran or in Ukraine. Another enormous financial meltdown seemed inevitable.

    Trump cannot last too long. He has dementia. (I didn’t figure this out before yesterday. Reckon you saw that video of him not recognizing Giuliani. His raging narcissism overshadowed the dementia?) His body will fall apart even faster now. Bannon will lose power if and when Pence takes over. It won’t get better. The purges might even become more efficient.

    Not familiar with either Janet Malcolm or Kernberg. Thanks!

    On November 9th, I joined the Democratic Socialists of America. Waiting around for less lazy, distracted people hasn’t been paying off. Some of us are self-organizing. I have no idea what the hell I’m doing, although I have faith in these locals. I also intend to go to meeting with some Bernie-loving Democrats in the area. It’s not even as much about fighting Trumpism as shitty local politics. It feels good.

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