Instead of reading any of the other books I’ve been reading, I read the new bits in Matt Taibbi’s Insane Clown President. Taibbi’s cool, but the rest of the book seems previously published material.

President Obama Commutes Prison Sentence For Chelsea Manning. Whew. It doesn’t redeem Obama by a long shot, but this is a small victory. It was weird to see the drone liberals collectively spew disgust at her commutation. Exposing a war crime is a heroic act. Trump’s supporters aren’t the only hateful authoritarians out there. America’s fascism isn’t just the responsibility of the poor rubes that fell for Trump. Anyway, Obama is still assassinating people with drones and JSOC, exactly as recklessly as Manning exposed in 2010, and has expanded the programs for Trump. Thanks, Obama.

Obama commutes sentence for political prisoner Oscar López Rivera. As for López Rivera, I was totally ignorant of his plight until Bernie Sanders mentioned him in the campaign.

The CIA’s Secret History Is Now Online. I’m a little excited about this one. There are bound to be a few unappreciated gems of incompetence here.

Betsy DeVos apparently ‘confused’ about federal law protecting students with disabilities. Whew. She can’t really be confirmed, can she? DeVos fucked up all kinds of ways. Franken had her on that growth versus proficiency question. Sanders nailed her on her political contribuitions. It ws Tim Kaine of all people who nailed her on not knowing there is a fucking federal law protecting students with disabilities. Anyone with the most passing familiarity with public schools would have to know this. It’s clear DeVos doesn’t give a fuck about education or law, only pushing her privatization agenda. Elizabeth Warren came in for the slam dunk.

BTW, Cory Booker was on the board of directors for the Alliance for School Choice along with DeVos from 2004 to 2008. In turn, Devos’s American Federation for Children backed the hell out of him. This blog has a lot more on Booker and privatizing schools, and most seems to connect with DeVos. Bury that fuckhead Cory Booker. Let the purges of the Democratic Party begin.

I had completely ignored back in the day that DeVos worked with Jindal in wrecking Louisiana schools. Oops.

Odd Football-Size Armored Creatures Solve Ancient Footprint Mystery. It was a species of trilobite, Megistaspis hammondi. Heh. Ages ago I remember seeing these footprints in a book before with mild speculation on how odd this creature would be. Trilobite is obvious but a little bit of a letdown.

Review of a new biography of Thomas De Quincey. Some folks love them some Saint Augustine. Some love De Quincey.

The Song of John Berger. I’ve yet to watch those John Berger videos I lined up. Next insomnia!

Scientists Spot Massive Wave in Venus’ Atmosphere. Ohhhh.. there’s a difference between gravity waves and gravitational waves. I’ve been messing up there. It’s very obvious now, but language matters. Shit.

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