I’m still laid low by illness. Work is hell. I’m not making it all of the way through shifts. Today will be rough too and it’ll end prepping for freezing rain that south Louisiana never has its shit together for.

Mexico Gas Protests, Looting Leave 2 Dead, 700 Arrested. The gas price was hike by at least 20%. This stems from the privatization of Pemex, the national oil monopoly. People didn’t like this result. Protests have been going on all week in Mexico State, Veracruz, Nuevo Leon, and Hidalgo. There’s been barely a hiccup of this on my various newsfeed.

U.S. envoys appointed by Obama asked to quit by Inauguration Day. There might not be replacements for months, because the confirmations would take months. I wonder if this signals that the Senate’s nuclear option will come into play immediately after the Trump inauguration.

These excavations in Burkina Faso could turn up something surprising. There’s mention of 1,300 year old mounds, as well as flint flakes from 50 to 15 thousand years old.

The reconstructed face of 9,500 year old Jericho Man. Hm. I reckon this would be one of the guys wearing the stone masks of Israel.

The Octopus with the Look of Silk: Pedro Leandro Ipuche, Isidore Ducasse, and Borges. This guy is amazing. He’s doing some great detective work connecting the dots. Maldoror woodcut.

vallejo nocturno has a great post up on Psychic Temple. I need more of this music.

‘The Venture Bros.’ Doesn’t Get Enough Respect For Redefining Adult Cartoons. Nope. It doesn’t. I wanna punch Archer fans in the face occasionally.

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