David Markson working under his pseudonym of Mark Merrill as the editor of an anthology of Russian stories. Interesting. the blogger ruminates on the illustration of the, noting he typically did pulp westerns. A funny coincidence is that Markson did write a western, The Ballad of Dingus Magee.

He also adds an interesting depth to the detail of a book owned by Amalfitano in Bolaño’s 2666.

I guess wrong with Trump and that ethics office. The more I think about it, he does give a shit about corruption in Congress. It’s not because he’s an ethical man. It’s because he doesn’t want anyone making deals that might cut into his own opportunities. He’ll be running this like a mob boss. Nobody gets to make any deals that he’s not cut in on. Twitter could be his bully pulpit to rally his forces against anyone in Congress he feels is cutting him out. I’m less inclined to believe the media narrative that it’s the media and not Trump, who stopped this ethic office game now.

The source of the recent FRBs have been traced to a dwarf galaxy 2.5 billion miles away

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