Wham Bang, Teatime. David Bowie piece by Ian Penman, tying up the books on Bowie this year. Examination of Bowie as “pop culture eschatology.” Too much to think about in just this one piece. Post it and let it stew. (I forgot I had Simon Reynold’s Shock and Awe squirreled away at work to buy when I might have extra cash.)

The Basic Instinct of Socialism. I’m still wrestling with my political identity. It’s been a lifetime of this. I’ve not read nearly as much serious theory as many of the Leftist folks I follow on Twitter. I’ve read a little Marx…. aaaaaaaand- that’s about it.1 The liberal label often stuck in my craw. I’m not clear on whether i embraced what I thought was liberalism because I didn’t know any better or if I ever was one. Economics was never strong passion of mine, but there’s no avoiding it anymore. What I was doesn’t much matter anymore. It’s how we get the fuck out of the mess we’re in. What Cooper wrote on democratic socialism works well enough today. Fuck capitalism. It’s a sucker’s game.

Trump rewards big donors with jobs and access. No surprise. He’s worse than Hillary would have been by a long shot. I just need to keep the link handy in case I get into an argument with that racist sexual predator who comes into the bookstore and yells for hours about shit like how someone needs to kill Obama. Yeah, really. Calling the Secret Service to report him would more likely result in me being fired, as we couldn’t even boot him for groping the women who worked there. This diabetic, asthmatic on disability and working illegally off the books has been on Cloud 9 in anticipation of all of the people Trump is going to “punish.” I’m actually friends with quite a few Trump voters, but this particular piece of shit exemplifies every gross stereotype made about them.

Trump is using federal contracts as a form of leverage. To be honest, I’m a little impressed by this innovation, even if it’s obvious that he’s going to use it entirely to enrich himself and his friends as he’s a corrupt piece of shit. Even better, Trump is going to fuck this up badly, because he’s a terrible businessman. For fuck’s sake, this is a man who genuinely believed Vince McMahon was blown up in in limousine in a pro-wrestling storyline and lost everything to a Japanese gambler who was murdered by the Yakuza. There’s a reason that there’s a team of bureaucrats who handle all of the tedious details of contracts. The military contractors are playing Trump now, letting him feel smart and powerful. They are going to rook the fuck out of that rube.

Since i swapped back to old blogging style of Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher, dumping a bunch of links in a post or two day, I pretty much abandoned categories and SEO tags. Orbis Quintus is far less visible on Google these days. There’s no audience for this blog anymore. There hasn’t been one for many years. That’s not much of a problem. It’s more of an open notebook these days than a platform for engagement with others. However, I do miss when random folks would pop in to add or correct something.

I’ve not been reading many blogs these days either. Some of the writers of my favorite blogs are on Twitter, but it’s easy to miss their posts because I get embroiled in playing spectator to absurdly hilarious meltdowns of centrist pundits and the Performative Woke gang. It’s a mistake that needs correcting.

  1. Oddly, Jesus has had greater influence on me than Marx, despite that I’ve never been indoctrinated into Christianity. []

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  1. Don’t underestimate your reach or your influence. I share your stuff with students and colleagues and at least some of them follow you now. I first found you through music and South Louisiana (born and raised in Baton Rouge and grew up on the LSU campus) and stuck around for the rest. I appreciate your links, a lot, and find your analyses (brief and otherwise) reliable interesting and thought-provoking. Thanks.

    1. Bizarre! Thank you very much. I had no clue. I suspected most of the trickle of traffic was from two people I’ve known for years.

      For a few years, the light posting was because I emailed Bill instead of posting on the blog. I’m glad that the blog can still be worthwhile outside of a memory dump.

  2. Dude, I use it as a teaching tool in one very weird and idiosyncratic course I teach, to support some of my other courses, and, as I said, to share with like-minded and interested students colleagues at my university and elsewhere. I don’t always agree with you about music or politics or other maters, but your spirit is amazing, I admire that you’re fighting on in Hammond (you are a brave soul), and the depth and breadth of your interests is inspiring. I don’t know if you ever knew the Acme Book store or Leisure Landing on Chimes (I did brief stints at both), but they woulda loved you (and you them if you didn’t know them)

    1. I ran across those Chime Street names trying to reconstruct its past, but those were before my time. I only used to make the trek over to the Bayou on rare occasions in late ’80s & early ’90s. I only recall Paradise Records firsthand sadly. Love seeing names like those and people still passionate about them. Those book and record stores were far, far more important then than the lousy chains we have now. It’s hard to get through to some of my bookstore coworkers what being in a backwater was really like.

      Hell, I don’t even agree with my own tastes and opinions six months later too often. Sometimes I run across especially old stuff and want to blame it on a temporary contributor long since forgotten.

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