I see Edvard Munch in this




2 Responses to “I see Edvard Munch in this”

  1. paledave says:

    I see some Edward Hopper. I’ve long maintained that Bush’s depiction of shower fixtures was understated, not to mention underrated.

    Seriously, this is confounding stuff. As wacked-out as the picture of Borges and Kodama in a balloon.

    • badger says:

      I actually see the Hopper! It’s unhinged. For such a simple man, there seems some real psychic scarring in that head of his. If he wasn’t such an unrepentant asshole almost all of the time, I’d feel sorry for him, as he was used and abused by his puppetmasters. He almost comes off as a rape victim.

      Sorry to disappear again. Yet more computer problems. Now I might disappear again in near future because we’re moving to new house outside town.

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