4 thoughts on “Golem (Stanislaw Lem adaptation)

  1. Lem was massive: Underrated as underrated can be for a man whose books have gone through multiple printings in multiple languages.

    This was neat, but that voice…

  2. Any recommendations??

    I have Fiasco and the Bathtub Memoirs at hand.

    This past year I read a collection of linked short stories about a robot society—very good fun

    And his memoir, Highcastle, which I thought lacking.

  3. Pale: Lem clicked for me when I read A Perfect Vacuum, but I didn’t become a true fan until I Lem-binged for a week at the badger’s request, reading The Cyberiad and Imaginary Magnitude back to back. His “A History of Bitic Literature” in the latter volume is a brilliant thought experiment. Borgesian, if that word even means anything anymore.

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