3 thoughts on “Scythians!

  1. What confuses me is that the earliest Tarim mummies already show an east-west genetic admixture, nearly two millennia before these Scythians — well, Pazyryks, actually, claimed in the article to be “traditionally associated with Scythians”, whatever that might mean — and Chinese archaeologists are saying that those early mummy people came from across the Altai.

    So, either the Chinese are mistaken, and the same metallic culture is not found on both sides of the Altai, or this article’s conclusion is much more sweeping than the evidence will bear. What may remain is the observation that the large-scale, population expansions of north-east Asia were an Iron Age phenomenon. I think we already knew that.

  2. All great points and you’re embarrassing me with how lazy my post is. Pointing out the Tarim mummies is perfect. I was forgetting all about Lop Nur finds.

    Thank you!

  3. You’re most welcome, sir, and apologies for parachuting into your thread unannounced like this.

    I’ve been looking at this area and time period for a while, now, and have been discussing this article in particular on another blog.

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