Damien asked our friend Melanie if she could rememeber more, and while some of this is already covered in that Offbeat article, most of it is not. Anything in italics is from me.

“There was a band called “Uncle Stan and Auntie Vera” which had Elizabeth Armstrong playing sax and an English guy who used to sing; i cannot remember his name. I used to go see them play. Babs (Barbara Menendez of the Cold) had another band called Apartment B, and Vance (DeGeneres, also of the Cold) had a band called The Backbeats (which turns out to have two guys from Cowboy Mouth.) I used to go see them too. There was a band that Ben’s bassist was in called The Generics which did some originals but some covers of like old Joe Jackson and other pop but sort of up stuff.

Ben and Carlo’s (Nuccio) band was “Outside Children”. Frank Asunto had a band called The Dukes at one time and then another band which my band used to play with and I cannot remember the name. You should ask Carlo (Nuccio). the Continental Drifters had group that played with Multiple Places and some national bands like “the 3 o’clocks” and some others at one of the early MTV mardi gras things at Jimmy’s. My cousin Caroline played drums and sang in Odd Fellow’s Rest at the end of the 80s and her friend Greg used to play in band that use to draw pretty well back in the days of the Rock ‘n’ Dot… ask Jack, he would remember their name too.

There was a band called the Bullets from LaPlace too that ranks as “popular” as Exit (what a joke) which is about a -.25 in a list. Exit should be removed.

Kevin from Exit played with Joe Tullis from LaPlace in a band called Big Sun in the late 80s.”

Yes. i’m still on this mad quest, but i haven’t messed with Google and these names yet.

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  1. i could help with a few of the missing pieces i think, the band f.a. was in was called ‘force of habit’, also with george neyrey, whom i think was in some b.b.q. band as of late.
    we need to talk …

  2. I don’t know if anyone involved in the original thread is still following it, or interested, but I got excited when someone “relatively recently” was mentioning “Uncle Stan and Auntie Vera” – I used to guitar tech for them. The English guy referred to was Sal Cannatella, but he left the band at some point to start his own group WAKA WAKA that played at Jimmy’s all the time. Vance from the Cold was also in another New Orleans band called the Petries. Does anyone remember a band called Inside Out? I would love to talk to someone who remembers alot of the bands mentioned here and earlier in the thread – as I was born and raised in New Orleans and the 80’s music scene was my world through high school. I use to love going everywhere from Jimmy’s to Carrolton Station, across the street, to Snug Harbor in the Quarter, and seeing the Radiators at Tipitina’s. I want to get back down to New Orleans soon to see the post-Katrina effects, especially on these places. Hopefully most of them survived. Any info would be useful and welcome. Take Care.

  3. Not sure if this thread is still running…but…
    my band Divided Council (we were all dental students at LSU at the time)played with Multiple Places, Uncle Stan, Frank’s band Force of Habit at Privateers out by UNO. Sal was a cool guy. He had this surf-green Strat that he let me sit in with while Uncle Stan played one night at Privateers…Elizbeth Armstrong had a great voice too…she taught keys to my keyboard player Jennifer Perkins, oh, and yeah we all drank and had a lot of fun together. A few other bands we played with in ’85: Silurian, The Socials, The Mistreaters. We played a lot of gigs at “Capps” which was “Andy Capps” before that. Another spot we gigged at regularly was Chances out in Metairie.I remember that Exit band but it was Exit something(the LaPlace exit #). The keyboard player played a DX7…something we couldn’t afford…nice guy…gave us some help in getting air time a TUL. Lot’s of thanks to our manager Terry Hernandez, she muscled her way in with Jimmy for a lot of gigs at Jimmy’s. I think of all of the great musicians who have played on that stage (one night when Mason Ruffner was playing he invited Jimmy Page up to play a couple of songs) fun times. Could probably come up with other stuff if I give it some thought. I get back to NO often, will be there for my pilgrimage to JazzFest. Keep it rockin’

  4. Sal Cannatella is from Liverpool and he was my grade school gym teacher in 1981 & 1982. He moonlighted in various bands and cool as S*hit. Nice to hear he is still remembered. Great soccer coach and good musician. Also quite hot!!!! All the girls loved him!

  5. Hey cb, I was a student of John Barr’s and was equally excited to see their name on the net. If you want more information on NOLA post-K I will be glad to email you details. I know for a fact that Jimmy’s has closed down. Do you know what ever happened or the whereabouts of John Barr? I have been trying ot track him down for about 15 years now.

  6. I saw some of these names & yes they all brought back a lot of great late 80’s New Orleans scene music clubs. I was in ” Odd Fellow’s Rest” I played Bass ( my name is Barbara) My guitarist was Jeff Houin & my drummer was Caroline Krieger. We played Rock-n-Dot, Howlin Wolf, Jimmys, Muddy Water’s ( my personal Fav) & even Tipitina’s on the Tool Box one Monday night ahhh what fun times. My band played around the same times as Fresh Young Minds, Jet Screamer, Concrete Buddha, Tabula Rasa, On, The Black Problem, so many more that my aging mind cant remember. Any way if yall have any questions Email me bmborel@bellsouth.net…… Barbara Borel

  7. I did not see the original thread, but I recall – reality patio, shot down in equador, jr., nuclear choir, dense flesh, voodoo parade, velvet elvis, myopic vikings, insect chandelier, fucus, nipples of, saturnalia, rosicruscians, evil nurse sheila, masters of the obvious…. there were many great bands in NO in the 80s. I was blessed to be in my share.

  8. My wife and I met Betty Asunto (Franks widow and the “Duchess” of Dixieland) in Las Vegas shortly after he died (late 1960’s). Frank’s band was the Dukes of Dixieland. As I recall, Frank’s father (also a trombone player) started the Dukes. We also met Frank’s brother Jack who played the trumpet. Betty and Frank had a daughter “Angel” who was 3-4 in 1968.

    We moved from Las Vegas and lost touch– The last we heard she was back in N’awlins…

    Betty had lots of friends in the music industry & would throw parties whenever her friends appeared in Las Vegas– Pete Fountain, Phil Harris…

    We will be ever indebted to Betty for teaching us how cook, enjoy and appreciate the simple humility of “Red Beans and Rice” as the dinner to start a new year.

  9. Wow, lots of memroable names. I see Jeff Houin up there. He also played with Union Chant (don’t remember all the last names), and there was a Scott and Keith in the band. I can remember after the World’s Fair, that Sheila’s was a great show place and Jed’s lookout was pretty good for a few years. But nothing really ever topped the Jimmy’s experience for me as far as local music in the clubs, but the best times of all were rockin on the Riverboat President. Some of the best Cold shows ever there. I can remember Joey Alonzo and his bands playing, but I can’t remember a single name of the band.
    Wow, feel like I’m on the wayback machine. Thanks for the memory joggers

  10. I’ve been googling and found this thread, what a trip. Looking at these names reminded me of staring at years of telephone poles in Metairie, Terry Parkway, and Uptown as we put up our gig flyers.

    I feel so old and crusty now πŸ™‚

    Other names that came to mind were 4 for Nothing, Thessalonica, Out of Eden, and Love Groovy. Man… to be 20 again πŸ˜‰

    BTW, for the uninitiated – I played the drums for Fresh Young Minds.

  11. I played in Odd Fellow’s Rest with Barbara Borel and Jeff Houin..what a blast that was! The memories are fantsatic! I wouldn’t trade that time of my life for anything!

    Now, I’ve been reading all these band name and I can’t believe no one has mentioned JET SCREAMER! They were fantastic! Caleb, Fred, Mary, Bill, Elzy…great group of musicians and friends!:)) And Melanie, my super talened cousin…Exit 209 was one of the BEST bands in New Orleans! Love ya, Cuz!

    Y’all be blessed and keep those memories close to your heart!

  12. I worked at Gramophone Records (Oakwood) from 1984 until it closed in 1987. We used to put flyers up for most of these bands — I’d forgotten so many of these names — 4 for Nothing, Union Chant, Multiple Places, True Faith etc. Weren’t Brian Rini and Tod Credeaux (sp?) in 4 for Nothing?

    I was really good friends with Mark Thiele, the lead singer of Alter Ego and then Voodoo Parade, and with Skul from Skin Sect (both have families now). I was at a party in Terrytown once when I was 16, and Jeff Houin kissed me (on the cheek) — he was a little bit older & we adored him — I was officially The Coolest Girl to my friends all summer after that!


  13. The Band I was most proud of was I SPY! 1987-1989. We will be recording in the next couple of months. Reunion show? Who knows?

  14. I was in a band back then called Beggar’s Farm and we used to reherse in the same building with Frank Assunto and The Dukes. One of the last shows we ever played was a double bill at Ol’ Man Rivers.

    Feeling old now.

  15. Kinda neat to find this online a few weeks ago. I am just now getting a chance to add a few comments. Glad to see the 80’s so fondly remembered! πŸ™‚ I have a lot of excellent memories of playing with Uncle Stan and Auntie Vera and the energy of the live music scene at the time. It was a very creative period.

    djlive …You wanted to know about John Barr… He married Elizabeth Fontaine (manager of Uncle Stan and Auntie Vera for the last few years we were together.) They moved to Fort Lauderdale, FL., and had a baby girl (who must be in her teens now.) I saw them some 15 years ago when they were in town, but haven’t seen or spoken with them since.

    I am still playing professionally. Most recently I played for Endymion with a band out of LA called “The Zippers” in the Superdome for both Friday and Saturday nights. I adopted a new stage name right after leaving Uncle Stan and Auntie Vera, and professionally go by “Grace Darling” now. Long story surrounding the name change … But I prefer to be called Grace. Though some of my oldest friends still call me Elizabeth. Allen Toussaint produced a CD for me which is on the NYNO label. We did the record release at the Howlin’ Wolf in 1997. Musical excerpts and photos are on my website.

    I own a home in Metairie, have a son who is 10 now (plays the drums), teach music privately (voice, piano, saxophone), run a contemporary music program at John Calvin Presbyterian (rockin’ out for God! πŸ™‚ … and have been finishing a degree in Instrumental Music Ed at UNO. I graduate this May. My band which goes by “Grace Darling” has been performing mostly for Music Festivals and large convention type of shows. I basically switched gears from performing music full time, to teaching it full time with the arrival of my son in 1998. Still performing, but it’s not something i do as much of because of the many other obligations in my life.

    Apparently there is going to be a reunion gig of sorts at Southport Music Hall Monday, April 27, with former musicians who played at Jimmy’s “back when.” I plan to bring my sax, voice (of course!), and an eagerness to see everyone… and sit in. It will be cool to see some familiar faces from the past.

    I have a website, Gracedarling.com, if anyone wants to drop me a line there. I plan to revamp it this summer and get on Facebook & MySpace… after I get finished with all the UNO stuff which as kept me rather busy these past few years. Hopefully i will have time to get back into performing in the clubs again as well. My son is older now, and finishing at UNO will be a huge relief to my schedule. Also, like many other, my home suffered damage from Katrina, and it has taken much time and energy to restore my property… but I am almost finished with that as well.

    Good to see the postings here…. πŸ™‚

    best wishes to all…

  16. Grace, amazing to see your post. I’m the Jay that used to drag all my friends to the US&AV shows around town. Multiple Places had a great XTC-inspired thing going for a while. Surprised no-one’s mentioned the legendary DICK NIXONS. Holy crap, what a band. I remember them bleeding on stage somewhere playing ‘Knock Three Times’, with a huge metal pipe and a hammer. Beyond that, The Reivers (TX), Dash Rip Rock, Jason & The Scorchers (also not N.O.), and The White Animals (Bama) until they made the unforgiveable mistake of covering ‘Party All The Time’ at Jimmy’s. Also, there was The House Levelers. And I remember seeing Alex Chilton, Mason Ruffner, Shot Down in Ecuador jr, and the Mistreaters a lot.

  17. I guess I need to throw my hat into the ring here. In the 80’s, I was in band called Amber, with George Prentice, Steve Smith, and Clem Guillot. That band disbanded in August 1982, but sort of re-formed in June 1984 as The Cruisers. Our very first gig was 6-21-1984 at Jimmy’s, opening for Multiple Places. We had the privilege of opening for The Cold on a few occasions – 10-13-1984 St. Joseph CYO, 11-02-1984 St Francis CYO, 12-22-1984 The Arches, 12-18-1984 Jimmy’s, 4-26-1985 Mongrue’s Club 1092, and 12-13-1985 Jimmy’s (opened for Four Cold Cats, and The Petries). I sat in on bass for Voodoo Parade on 5-25-1989 when they recorded Hell House, Black Leather Girl, and Sex Tool in studio. And I sat in with them again 2-25-1990 at The Cage in Metairie. After The Cruisers, I was in band called Flint Revels, where I played “lead bass” on my 5-string bass with high C string. This was very very strange to do, as you can imagine. It was an odd idea to begin with, but I just played along and said of course I’d do it. Lastly from the 80’s, I was in band called French Kiss, with Stephie on lead vocals, but that band only lasted a year.
    I’m still playing bass to this day, and I’m with The Madhatters now.

  18. I was in the band Random Sample with Mike Assunto, cousin of Frank Assunto Jr who at the time played in Force of Habit. Frank had given our previous band, Silent Partner, our first opening gig at Privateer’s, the closest thing to a UNO off campus bar, out on Franklin Ave. Mike did sound for FofH and when we let our singer go he came on board, changing song lyrics and our name and trasnsforming us into more of a fun, high energy band. We played Capp’s, Jimmy’s, Chances, Dream Palace etc and with groups like Exit 209, Multiple Places, Reality Patio and the Force. Patio was my favorite with a cool retro-hippie thing going ona and talented friendly guys, including Kerry who became the drummer for Better than Ezra then bailed when they hit it big..they haven’t been as good since.

  19. Wow! Out of boredom, I Googled my old band, “Union Chant.” I can’t believe I actually found any hits! Good to know anybody remembered us. Sheila’s and Jimmy’s. Good times!

  20. I guess we were just trying to be different. After going through two very good lead guitar players, it was very hard trying to find a replacement “lead” who really wanted to be different in New Orleans, so we went with a “lead bass” player. As Kenny stated, “it was strange”, but hell we would try anything back then. It was great times and lots of fun. Met a lot of great people and musicians. I raise my glass to all the “original” bands back then rocking it out. To my friends and mates: Mik and Rik English, Michael B, Kenny H., Brian B. and Shawn T. THX, Flint

  21. Yeah, Uncle Stan N Auntie Vera opened for The Powerstation when Spandau Ballet bailed. No offense, but after 1/2 a song I went to look at the vending stands, sprained ankle N all. 1/2 way through the 2nd song, I heard THUNDEROUS applause, went to see what was up, N they’d been boo’d off of the stage!!!! Maybe they got better, or had an off night, but whatever was wrong that night they were HORRIBLE!!!!

  22. Dave Fruge Is full of shit WE where never booed off stage anywhere . I was on that stage and we were received amazingly .Iwas on that stage and remember it like yesterday .In fact Iwas attacked in the parking lot for autographs

  23. Still have a couple of BIg Sun bootlegs lying around – a couple of demos cut in Mike Perry’s living room, and a few lifts from Louisiana Jukebox. I’ve been watching YouTube clips of old Tip’s and Jimmy’s shows – man, those were the days – the end of the era came not to long after that, but they were good days!

  24. I liked seeing Multible Places at a bar near UNO, The drummer was very talented..the guitar player ,Settly was an arrogant farce and mooch. RIP Ducan.

  25. Landed here because the band, Shot Down in Ecuador Jr, popped into my head after all these years. Lived in NOLA for a couple of years in the late 80s and saw so many great shows. Reading through this thread, I’m reminded of so many bands I had completely forgotten. Crazy.

    I worked for PJs Coffee when they had just a couple locations in town. Most of the employees were artsy transients. One day, the guy I’m working the counter with, a guitar player, tells me he just got the call to audition to tour with Swans!

  26. A very nice read. My bands: Velvet Elvis (w/ Elzy) and Myopic Vikings followed with Magic Circus and then I was a working sound engineer with Tabula Rasa and Concrete Buddha and many others… Blood & Grits (w/ Nick Sanzenbach) and The Villians (late Human Condition), Skinsect – so many more. I also have to mention that the scene in those years was rich with great talent and without the support of local clubs like Jimmy’s, Muddy Waters and Charity’s – it wouldn’t gone nearly as far as it did.

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