I downloaded these guys blind, seeing that the owner had a bunch of Hyped 2 Death stuff. They are not on allmusic.com, but they have their own site. I don’t know whether to pigeonhole them into new wave, no wave, or some other kind of post punk. One moment they’re spewing freaky atonal noise, then they swing into a pop groove. There’s something deeply nerdy about it, like the Talking Heads, but out of Indiana, and existing just four short years in seeming obscurity. Why haven’t i heard of this band before?

Dancing Cigarettes “Puppies in a Sack”

Dancing Cigarettes “Pop Doormat”

Dancing Cigarettes “Simple Machines”

Dancing Cigarettes “Poignant”

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  1. Their actual recordings always fell far short of their actual stage presence, and they never recorded their greatest song, “Wild Times.” I will never forget the experience of being in a crowded venue, smoke filling the spotlights, the audience screaming their heads off. I’m sure glad I kept a journal all those years ago, to commemorate all those amazing concerts. I’m going to eventually put some of their xerox poster art on my web site.

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