using political biographies as props

November 21st, 2008 by badger

Nothing deep or insightful in this observation. Right now the press is aflurry with something else Obama is reading, that biography of FDR. (That book of poetry is of more interest to me.) Does that really mean anything?

Doesn’t anyone remember that Bush was reading the David McCullough biography of John Adams right before September 11th, mentioning that he and John Qunincy Adams have something in common?

How did that turn out?

Obama’s the man i voted for and continue to support, but it should be too obvious that any political biography mentioned by any politician is not a window into his soul, but a political prop.

Besides, wouldn’t the biography of heroic failure like Huey P. Long be more compelling and insightful? Plus, it would scare the shit out of the right people.

3 Responses to “using political biographies as props”

  1. BRAINS says:

    I give you two years, tops, before your natural tendency to scorn fools takes over.

    In the meantime, shall we both smile about it?

    There is a laptop in Bill’s hands now, so….

  2. badger says:

    Two years before i turn sour on Obama?

    Trust me. My patience and short memory allows for a lot less than that. I’ll probably be grousing daily about him by this spring.

    However, it is highly unlikely that he will be a worse president than Bush, or worse than McCain would have been.

  3. BRAINS says:

    “Highly unlikely”? Brother, if he is a worse president than Bush, I’ll willingly offer myself to you as your personal manservant FOR LIFE (taking care, of course, to deny allegations of white slavery to the curious and the jealous).

    I think he’s already taken solid steps toward making a positive impact on day one. We can only go up from here.

    Where did you get that excellent Pierrot icon/avatar/whatever?

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