Picked up the link to Artforum story from O Mundo de Claudia:

What do artist Jeff Koons and prostitute Ashley Alexandra Dupré have in common? Both can be had for a hefty price through the Emperors Club. Citing a report on Artnet, Le Monde‘s Harry Bellet discovers that the escort service, which counted the former New York governor Spitzer among its clients, also offered contemporary artworks through its online site. “Emperors Club was not satisfied with providing women to our financial elites but also took an interest in contemporary art,” writes Bellet. “Their business, Emperors Publishing Media Group, owns a site called Emperors Club Contemporary Art, which is responsible for providing its clients with works by renowned artists like Jeff Koons, David Salle, and Richard Prince.” Emperor’s Club describes itself as “a highly informative venue through which you may acquire exceptional contemporary art directly from a group of highly selected artists, dealers, galleries, and members.” Members are required to earn at least $450,000 per year. Sotheby’s and Christie’s logos appear on the site’s page, although, according to Bellet, the auction houses insist that they were not informed about the posting. But auction houses are not the only ones to be roped in to the Emperor’s Club experience. “The site offers images of artworks, each accompanied by a notice usually taken from the best sources,” writes Bellet. “A painting by Jeff Koons is accompanied by a review by critic Jerry Saltz.”

This story entertains me far, far more than any common story about a politician being brought low by his sexual escapades.

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