Climate change is turning Antarctica green, say researchers. Oh dear.

Researchers find a tiny moon around a large unnamed dwarf planet. 2007 OR10.

Cave dig shows the earliest Australians enjoyed a coastal lifestyle. Boodie Cave on Barrow Island. 51,100 and 46,200 years ago.

Grassy beginning for earliest Homo. Ledi-Geraru jaw.

Contrary to Popular Belief, the Blues Were Not Born on the Mississippi DeltaThe Original Blues: The Emergence of the Blues in African American Vaudeville. Lynn Abbott and Doug Seroff. Southern black vaudeville circuit.

The Young Black Activists Targeting New Orleans’s Confederate Monuments. Take ‘Em Down NOLA.

Joe Lieberman might be FBI director. Really. It feels weird to link Yglesias. Think i’ve only done it once or twice before. Matt Stoller tweeted this yesterday.

Yeah! Thank that Radical Center for holding it all together. Lieberman lost the Democratic Party, yet Lamont barely had any support while the Democratic establishment wanted Lieberman running as an independent to win. Every damned detail turns out to be relevant in why centrism has failed to protect us from fascists. BTW, Lieberman works for a law firm since 2013 that has represented Donald Trump, since 2001.


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