Trump revealing classified material to Russia regarding ISIS was unsurprising. He has dementia after all, and is so stupid, arrogant, and insecure he would have done it even before his decline. Hillary’s private email server still matters incidentally. Trump’s fuck-up is now more important, but if we’d admitted no one is above the rule of law when she committed perjury and obstruction and justice, the 2016 election would have been very different. This is where we arrive when laws are selectively enforced according to how powerful people are. Now we’re in a full-blown constitutional crisis and even if Trump is removed, it’s a line of right-wing zealots who will succeed him.

It looks like Pence will be president in a few months. I take absolutely no comfort in that. We are so fucked.

By the way, I’m no law and order person if that’s not apparent. My hang-up on rule of law is that it’s pretty fucking clear that it only matters when crushing the dissenters and the disenfranchised. The architects of the 2003 Iraq War were never prosecuted. The architects of the 2008 financial crisis were never charged with any crimes. This is where that path led inevitably.

…and i wrote that yesterday morning- never getting around to posting because my folks came over with a mower to help with the grass. Now Comey has revealed he has notes of Trump pushing him to shut down the Flynn investigation.

This morning the Republicans seem to be holding fast against starting impeachment. Good. I worry that impeachment would blow up in the idiot Democrats’ faces. Pence would put a more polite face on the exact same evil shit Trump is doing. The Democrats would run around patting themselves on the back for Trump’s removal and not push any domestic policy that helps anyone. 2018: the angry Trump voters would be further mobilized and hold Congress for the Republicans.

Hillary Clinton officially launches ‘resistance’ outside group. Oh, do fuck off, Hillary. I have to concede that Indivisible has done some great work with packing the town hall with disgruntled voters with legitimate questions and the former Clinton staffers in these other organizations could be some sincere people. However, how many fucking times has it been demonstrated- do not give money to a Clinton. Eve Peyser (one of those anomalous good Vice people) lists organizations to donate to instead of Onward Together.

Larry Krasner wins Democratic primary for Philadelphia District Attorney. If only New Orleans can shed itself of Leon Cannizarro…

NASA Has Detected Hundreds of Unexpected Flashes Reflecting Off Our Planet. Atmospheric ice crystals. It’s almost too obvious now that it’s figured out.

These Cave Carson covers by Mike Oeming, Matt Wagner and Bill Sienkiewicz are cool.

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