Trump firing Comey. Nope. I didn’t see that coming.

What the Russia shit has to do with it, I cannot imagine. Mitch McConnell hasn’t said shit yet. The Senate cannot and will not do anything without him. McConnell is probably going to quash whatever majority cobbled together for an investigation or prosecutor. Bringing down Trump over collusion with the Russians isn’t going to save us regardless. It’s a weird fixation many people have. That’s why I’m more concerned with inadequacies of the Democratic Party. The extreme right holds a hegemony on most levers of government now. Bringing down Trump accomplishes very little in reality.

Whoever is the new FBI director will be someone more sympathetic to crazy, evil shit that Jeff Sessions is cooking up. Whatever descendant of COINTELPRO that’s running now will be replaced with something far more aggressive. Using the FBI to target and intimidate judges who are ruling against Trump’s executive orders may be a far higher priority than quashing any investigation.

Reporter arrested at Capitol after trying to ask U.S. health secretary Tom Price questions. Dan Heyman asked repeatedly asked question about AHCA, whether domestic violence is classified as a pre-existing condition. The Secret Service was used to arrest Heyman and used a West Virginia state code to charge him with a misdemeanor:

“If any person willfully interrupts or molests the orderly and peaceful process of any department, division, agency or branch of state government or of its political subdivisions, he or she is guilty of a misdemeanor.”

Retail funk: Stores face biggest challenges since recession. Scary data and some very dumb analyses & anecdotes. The only one talking sense in this article is Badillo, “The economic effects tend to reinforce the widening income equality and redistribution that favor ‘haves’ over ‘have nots’, professional class over the working class and urban over rural.” Prices keep rising in stores and the wages of retail employees remain stagnant. People getting laid off are becoming unemployed or finding new jobs in retail with fewer hours & probably lower pay because they lost seniority. Talking about the turn to online shopping is fucking technocratic delusion. Yes- please quote some app-happy consumer in San Francisco shopping for overpriced clothes online, you morons. Collapse is coming.

Tunnel collapse at Hanford Nuclear site, emergency declared. A friend pointed out that this is the same site where one of the LIGO observatories is located.

The UAE Drops More Clues About Its Mysterious Plan to Colonize Mars. Colony on Mars by 2117. Pft. Should we survive so long as a species…

Homo naledi’s surprisingly young age opens up more questions on where we come from. The paper revealing more fossils from the Rising Star Cave that are younger has finally been published.

I read the first few pages of VanderMeer’s Borne Monday evening. Titanic flying bear dominates city with humans combing through its hair while it sleeps for food and salvage. VanderMeer’s gonna VanderMeer. It sounds fucking preposterous, but I’m already invested in it. Planning to buy it this Friday. I woulda grabbed it sooner, but money is pretty tight yet again.

Reading Perlstein’s Nixonland this week anyway. The parish library is largely shit, with their political section being loaded to capacity with exclusively reactionary right scam screeds, but their history section is tiny but passable. Invisible Bridge is there too.

Huh. I’d pretty much given on Melville House after their publication of that deranged Susan Bordo book, but this Ian Dreiblatt post on John McDonnell offsets that somewhat. This Curtis White  Socialist Survivalism series isn’t bad either. I was wrong. They haven’t placed their entire future in the hands of publishing increasingly oblivious & desperate neoliberals.

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