Comey’s Testimony on Huma Abedin Forwarding Emails Was Inaccurate. I’ve no idea what’s really going on here, but suspect that it has less to do with “forwarded emails” to Anthony Weiner than the nature of how that private email server was backing up some data in multiple places. Remember Platte River Networks and Datto, Inc. Also remember that a laptop full of email was lost. Comey needs to shut the fuck up. I’ve no doubt that Hillary and her gang should have been prosecuted and barred from the Democratic nomination, but now the issue is on Trump firing Sally Yates, possibly not for her opposition to the travel ban, but for revealing to White House counsel McGahn the evidence of Flynn’s Russian problems. It was the same day, January 30th. Odd.

How the Aztecs Predicted the Apocalypse. Sam Kriss.

The Fake News Liberals Don’t Want to Talk About. Eve Peyser starting a column , Evesplaining, on subject that needs documenting, liberal derangement. The Colbert & FCC story was so easily explained1, yet people kept passing it around as if Trump was directly retaliating. I fell for “rape as a pre-existing condition” for about 30 seconds honestly.

How TV Became Respectable Without Getting Better. Ah, so that’s what Matt meant. He explodes every so often on Chapo about how prestige television is bullshit, but it’s always a digression from the discussion. The others use his grudge to needle. Reading his whole argument, I find absolutely nothing controversial or contrarian about it. Yep- film is still more diverse and adventurous than tv and the angsty white male protagonist is ultra-dominant in what passes for prestige tv.2 It’s his last paragraph that deserves expanding:

One of the bitterest of the many bitter ironies of the digital age is that the explosion of television options and web-based platforms featuring cultural writing has led not to a flowering of creativity and a golden age of critical insight, but an all-consuming monoculture. A cargo cult where the trappings of a few groundbreaking cable shows from early in the millennium have hardened into tropes that power a legion of inferior imitators. Even more disturbingly, dozens of writers at dozens of outlets that depend on clicks and engagement have forged a hive-mind of positivity about the whole thing, assuring their audience that a diet of cultural junk food is just as healthy as balanced meals, because television is the medium best suited to the lives of internet-addicted office drones. Hopefully, as the Golden Age of the Golden Age of Television recedes farther into memory, and as viewers’ working conditions grow more and more intolerable, there will be a collective realization that we deserve better than Prestige TV.

  1. BTW Matt Pearce is awesome. I picked up on him during Ferguson and he never disappoints []
  2. However, I am significantly older and remember what tv was like before prestige tv came along. I genuinely like Deadwood and The Wire. I never watched The Sopranos, didn’t give a shit about Mad Men, got exasperated with Breaking Bad, and found Westworld to be a semi-fun exercise in bloated nonsense. []

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