Air Force’s X-37B Space Plane Lands in Florida After Record-Breaking Secret Mission. OTV-4. Almost two years. Next one goes up later this year.

It wasn’t surprising to see that tried to pull some bullshit by pretending that the fighting at Lee Circle was a clash between pro-monument and anti-monument forces with ambiguous reporting. It is still worth remembering how sleazy it is. The fighting broke out between two right wing, pro-monument factions- an alt-right guy versus some old school redneck Neo-Confederates. All three who were arrested were right wing men. The videos of Lee Circle also demonstrate that history doesn’t have a fucking thing to do with it. Most of the people who came to protest against the monuments being taken down were howling crazy racist shit about white genocide. History is not their concern. Maintaining symbols of white supremacy is.

Take ‘Em Down NOLA did a great job organizing the march. New Orleans Advocate reports that 500 came out to march for taking the monuments down and less than a 100 to protest against. The ratio looks a lot higher in favor of anti-monument when photographers weren’t trying to balance the shots. That the anti-monument protesters had the second line and the pro-monument did not says everything one needs to know about whether those monuments belong in New Orleans.

Universal Harvester was fine. It’s good that Darnielle has a talent for writing novels and has an audience for it. I’m not one of them. It just wasn’t anything that I connected with. Mortality and loss I get. Midwestern wholesomeness, not a whit. I only stuck with it only affection for Darnielle.

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