Comey infuriated Trump with refusal to preview Senate testimony. My feeling is that Trump himself ain’t covering up shit. He’s a dumb. petty man with dementia. Probably someone else vulnerable to an investigation on Russian ties, Sessions possibly, took advantage of Trump’s vengeful stupidity. Trump himself probably thinks he’s invulnerable.

Let’s All Celebrate These College Graduates Raining Boos Upon Betsy DeVos. Heroes. Civility is a tool to oppress. No one should treat anyone in the Trump administration with an iota of respect. It was insulting DeVos was invited to speak, no matter if Trump walked back his comment about black universities.

More secrets of human ancestry emerge from South African caves. John Hawks on the new Homo naledi discoveries.

Tegan O’Neil on Star Wars. I reckon I need to go back to read the eight previous installments. Tegan is far more into the prequels than I ever could be- but her closing argument is persuasive, much in line to my own affection for the series. I’m not proud.

The Dirtbag Left at Harvard: An Interview with Chapo Trap House. Slow to take off, but there are a few gems further in. Brendan gets in a good bit:

If there’s one spirit we’re raging against, it’s the Aaron Sorkin mindset, that politics is about rationality, and debate, and decorum. Any anger that’s in that type of art or metaphor is a false anger, an anger out of people not being nice enough or rational enough. It’s not anger that actually comes from your gut, that’s concerned with humanity.

Slowdive was never one of my bands. The new stuff sounds quite good, but dream pop and shoegaze were for other people. It’s weird to think back to a friend who had a radio show on KSLU in the late ’90s who played almost exclusively bands like Slowdive, but even then, he seemed a man out of time. (Our interests intersected on Spacemen 3.) OTOH my wife is probably going to love Dead Oceans. She’s been a big fan of the Horrors in recent years.

The new LCD Soundsystem songs aren’t blowing me away either. I’m grateful they exist and eager for more, but they’re not fulfilling at this time.


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