DNA from extinct humans discovered in cave sediments. This is amazing. Neandertal DNA was recovered from four sites in which no hominid remains were ever recovered. More Denisovan DNA was recovered from the Denisova Cave as well.

Trump wants South Korea to pay for the $1 billion Terminal High Altitude Area Defence (THAAD) system. South Korea has already said no. It’s more obvious than ever that the U.S. is running a protection racket. Trump is so clumsy and thuggish that he cannot conceive of the usual slightly more subtle way of extortion.

NASA is running out of space suits — and it’s years away from having new ones ready. We’re not going to Mars in three years if that wasn’t already painfully obvious.

It’s been too long since I’ve listened to the Little Lighthouse. Since I’ve been on this podcast jag, I remembered to stick a download into the mix. Stanislav opened the show with a song I must have completely forgotten, Chris Stamey’s “Summer Sun”.

Robyn Hitchcock Remembers Jonathan Demme. (I’m listening to the new Hitchcock album anyway. Solid stuff. Not blown away, but it’s so damned comforting.) Demme isn’t one of my strong points. I stuck with Stop Making Sense, Silence of the Lambs, and Storefront Hitchcock. One of the local DSA guys mentioned Citizens Band, which I recall liking but haven’t seen since the early ’90s. Hitchcock offers some pleasant memories of Demme. I’d no idea Hitchcock played a villain in a movie.

Why The Godfather movie was actually the first great prestige TV show. Persuasive, but one thing… I never gave much of a shit about The Godfather. Need to rewatch to see if I’ve changed enough to engage it.

The Revolution Will Not Be Curated. Huh. I thought curator came from curing hides. The overhwhelming desire for curation feels like cultural taxidermy. I loved that shit for many years, but couldn’t maintain the rigor to maintain proper canons. Thomas Frank validates my neuroses again.

Even Roberts is exasperated by the Trump administration’s stance on immigration in arguments in Maslenjak v. United States. Stripping naturalized citizens of their citizenship is too radical even for a hardcore conservative. The irony of stripping Gorka of his citizenship is hilarious, but totally not worth it. We cannot fuck around with such dangerous reasoning.

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  1. I’m not a Richard Farina fan. The story in David Hajdu’s book (about Dylan, Farina, and the Baez sisters) about how Farina met his death is well worth your time.

    Saw Stamey/Holsapple and the dB’s each a couple of times. Brilliant and gifted group of musicians. I still remember one dB’s show as if it was yesterday (it was 30 years ago).

    Demme/Hitchcock: The Manchurian Candidate isn’t a great movie, but it’s a must-see because of Meryl Streep’s film-long imitation of Hillary Clinton (as villainess). The Robyn bit is really a curio. Demme had a pretty good run in the 80’s and early 90’s, and I think all of his work from that time holds up well. Something Wild is hilarious.

    The Godfathers 1 and 2 deserve the film school hype. Lots going on here. The cinematography is amazing. Also, every time oranges are shown onscreen, a bloodbath follows. And there are a lot of oranges in the movie.

    Years back I read The Circle by Eggers, and then said, That’s it I’m done with the hyped American fiction. I didn’t think anything could be worse than that fictional piece of garbage. I was wrong. The movie The Circle takes “bad” to another level. Emma Watson is a lightweight, the kid from Boyhood has a demeaning, thankless role (as does Bill Paxton), there’s is no character development, and the movie doesn’t have an ending. Fuck off, Eggers!!

    1. I saw Holsapple a couple of times by accident in the ’90s in New Orleans when he was in the Continental Drifters. Nothing stuck.

      Manchurian Candidate will eventually get seen regardless.

      Heartbreaking Genius is only thing I completed by Eggers. McSweeney’s was enjoyable often enough and I even had a sub for The Believer for awhile. Eggers was fun for a few years in the early ’00s because Bill would fly into sneering, spittle-flecked rage at Eggers’ name.

    1. I knew of the work and have been planning to make time to watch this performance. Last night I watched Sarah & Duck, then three-quarters of the first episode of Twin Peaks before passing out.

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