I hope we all don’t die within the next few days because of this North Korea crisis. Poor Asia.

Hubble Spots Auroras on Uranus. They tracked some powerful solar flares to see what effect they would have on Uranus. They got this.


ALMA investigates ‘DeeDee,’ a distant, dim member of our solar system.  2014 UZ224. TNO.

The Icy Plumes Shooting Out of Saturn’s Moon Just Got Way More Interesting. Enceladus. Hydrogen in those plumes. Methanogenesis.

World’s Tallest Men Trace Back to Paleolithic Mammoth Hunters. Gravettian. Y haplogroup I-M170.

The Kinks’ Ray Davies has some odd notions about politics. They’re not unfamiliar to anyone who’s read one of his interviews before. He’s not a big fan of consumerism and gentrification. He finds the U.S. too large to be governable. For all the years I’ve been online, most hardcore Kinks fans I’ve met have been extraordinarily conservative and used Davies’ lyrics to push that perspective. The contrast between what Davies says and what all those online fans push is quite drastic.

Robyn Hitchcock has a new video for “Raymond & the Wires”. I don’t know why I don’t listen to his newer material because this morning I quite like it. It’s startling to hear something so transparently personal from him, a song about his father Raymond Hitchcock.

Good piece on the movie Logan and the X-Men comics. “Wolverine is a two-dimensional character who was never designed to be a solo star. His best stories come from pushing up against the limits of those dimensions.” Yup. Nearly every point made I agree with, although I freely admit I loved Wolverine in the ’80s. The moment those Patch and Madripoor stories started, he began to lose allure. I missed all those ’90s Weapon X stories and have still never read more than some Wiki summaries. I mistook the original Origins for some Elseworlds kind of thing that would never be canon. Fuck Daniel Way and his torture porn bullshit. The best modern Wolverine IMO was Aaron’s tired and over-his-head headmaster of the school. Sorrentino’s art in Old Man Logan is pretty to look at, but what Marvel thinks they’re doing with this character existing alongside the out-of-time original X-Men is mystifying. Puzzling that out is a fool’s task.

Aha. So it’s Gary Cohn who is now president instead of Steve Bannon. Obviously Kushner is too much of a nitwit to run anything, so he was just angling for someone more competent. It’ll be just like if Hillary was president, except more racist and fascist. That’s… still not good.

Rachel Maddow Is Lost in Her Cold War Conspiracies. There was a period when I thought Maddow was actually okay. Sorry. I think it was when I read Drift that something clicked? 2012? Her argument I agreed with, but her affection for the military, I didn’t share. Stopped paying much attention to her, despite the agreement on the executive branch having far too much power to make war. Her trafficking in Russian conspiracy theories is mind-blowing. It’s not even that I don’t believe any of them. It’s that it no longer fucking matters. Besides, there was more direct evidence of the Clintons’ trading influence for money for decades and she fucking scoffed at it. If the media had done their job, there would be no Clinton campaign. We’d have President Bernie or even Biden (yuck.)

Stuff from Shattered so far:

  • It’s a shame that Jen O’Malley Dillon seemed sidelined by Robby Mook early on. It would have been preferable for Bernie to have trounced Hillary, but If Hillary had to win, O’Malley Dillon wouldn’t have put Hillary in as bad of a place as Mook did. She likely would have already been laying groundwork in the battleground states before primaries over. Mook didn’t. He had his data. He didn’t care about that. She also probably wouldn’t have played ineffective mind games with the Rust Belt.
  • That Hillary reviewed every email of her 2008 campaign staff to look for what went wrong is probably a good thing. Yeah, she’s still being Hillary, eager to blame anyone other than herself, but a post-mortem of the campaign is very reasonable. Some of those idiots were plotting against each other and leaking from their official accounts apparently. That she then sets up a private email server for her work at the State Department demonstrates her hypocrisy, not allowing herself to held to the same standards when she worked for Obama. It’s surprising that angle of her reading her campaign employees’ email didn’t come up much. Shattered is the first that juxtaposed those two stories so clearly. She knew exactly what she was doing. The private email server wasn’t about convenience. It was about avoiding accountability. Fuck her for being so arrogant and shortsighted for not comprehending that this wouldn’t blow up in her face, allowing an utterly amoral, senile buffoon to win the presidency. Hubris.
  • It’s hilarious that somehow it fucked up that (probably through Abedin and autocorrect of texts) that Hillary wound up with Brianna Kielar as her inteviewer on June 7th 2015 instead of Biana Golodryga, the wife of a former Clinton official. She mopes about how sympathetic the press were to Bernie (they weren’t) but cannot handle anything other than an interview from a sycophant.
  • John Podesta still seems like one of the only sane, competent people with a backbone working on the Clinton campaign. It’s funny that his email was hacked because his password was so fucking weak.
  • The book doesn’t dig too deeply into the Democratic primary. I recall some sketchy shit that happened in a few states, both in news and anecdotally. None of it appears. No purged voter rolls or changed party affiliations. No coin tosses. No closed polling stations or reduced number of voting machines in certain precincts. No buses of non-residents. No thrown chairs.
  • I fucking hate Bill Clinton, moreso than Hillary. They’re both imperious, self-absorbed kleptocrats, but his patronizing racism, his inability to accept his reputation as a sexual predator, and his boneheaded ambush of Loretta Lynch on that runway all played a significant role in why Hillary lost to Trump.
  • Hillary was so hung up on Bernie not having plans for his big promises, how unrealistic his proposals were. She and most of her people saw the world as if it was still the ’90s and she couldn’t figure out why Americans were so dissatisfied and angry. Who’s unrealistic? The dreamer who sees what’s happening or the deluded building houses on sand?
  • Hillary would have been a terrible president. She wouldn’t be the horror Trump is, but she’s not very good with leadership. The muddy structure of her staff, the constant in-fighting and backstabbing, the fear of offering opposition, her flipping out anytime anything goes wrong to reshuffle and punish… it’s amazing that the Clintons have survived as long as they have.

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