Yesterday an excerpt from Shattered: Inside Hillary Clinton’s Doomed Campaign was being passed around Twitter. It’s been on the shelves at work for a couple of weeks, but after that stupid Susan Bordo book, which I couldn’t bring myself to dig further into, it seemed to take a pass on Shattered. Changed my mind. Reading bits of it this morning. It’s no fucking wonder that arrogant fool lost. It should have been titled Hubris.

“She didn’t want to run for president. She did not want to do it. She just concluded no one else could win.” Lazy, entitled piece of shit. Nearly every paragraph supports the thesis that Hillary saw herself as inevitable and only other people could fail her, never herself. Stomaching a whole book of this will be too much.

The War Nerd reading from Ryszard Kapuciski had me realize I remember his The Shadow of the Sun on the shelves of the Baton Rouge bookstore. I almost bought it! It was around the same time that I picked up Sven Hedin’s My Life as an Explorer. Almost nothing like that shows up anymore.

Fracking is ruining one of the last truly dark places in the US, and astronomers are on edge. Davis Mountains in West Texas. My mother warned me about this. They used to zip down to Big Bend on occasion, saw the development in Fort Davis, and figured what was coming for the McDonald Observatory.

Knowledge in a Conspiratorial World. The Philosophy of Conspiracy Theories. This is a book I probably have no business reading. Legitimizing some conspiracy theories as rational is probably unhealthy for me.

Another goofy Legion aside- A criticism was how obvious the use of Pink Floyd’s “Breathe” was in Legion‘s finale. Yeah, to critics and rock nerds. Go check the comments on Youtube for Thor: Ragnarok. Led Zeppelin’s “Immigrant Song” is even more staggeringly obvious, but a stunning number of people don’t know the fucking song. I work with almost entirely millennials. Very few of them know much about the Baby Boomer seeming permaculture that the Gen Xers were saturated in. “Breathe” is not nearly as prominent as it once was. If it’s not “”Money”, “Comfortably Numb”, or “Another Brick in the Wall Pt. 2”, it seems a success to me.1

  1. Another aside, DC fanboys jumping in to screaming the Wonder Woman trailer used it first are missing the obvious in that the damned song is about Vikings. []

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