Kid came to sit on my lap, dictate what I look at, and play with various toys on desk. Copying, pasting, and editing a rambling email to Bill from a couple of days ago. He almost certainly doesn’t give a damn.

It’s actually Radio War Nerd episode 76, about Iran-Contra, that I’m in the midst of.

You probably already know this but this was yet another flashpoint for me.

I used to read the local newspaper Daily Star of Hammond every day as a teen. I picked up the habit from reading the cartoons, including the political ones. I religiously read Jack Anderson’s column, although I missed exactly when he went over the edge. Because Daily Star didn’t have much in the way of local reporting, it ran a lot of AP material, so the Iran-Contra stuff blew my mind. I’d also pester my parents to pick up the Times-Picayune as often as possible so I could read Bloom County and Doonesbury.

Watched hearings on tv. Think they came on in afternoon and sometimes knocked the soap operas off the air. I was so pissed. Wanted Reagan impeached.

it’s scary how much I dropped out of political awareness after about 1993, when Clinton took office. Depression is a beast. Didn’t really fully engage again until Clinton’s impeachment.

I did succumb to Aaron Sorkin disease for a few years. Think the impeachment, the Florida recount, and the damned West Wing liberalized me. Fuck that shit.

Listening to the War Nerd with Eileen Jones.

Bizarre that only Jones saw Dr. Strangelove. It’s a favorite of mine.

Amused how they all hate Scahill’s Dirty Wars. The criticism of him making about its impact on him is true, but it’s still a good documentary in that it finds an audience and persuades on relevant issue. I like Scahill despite their correct characterization here.

No mention of MASH, which is funny because it IS a Korean War movie, although it’s obviously really about Vietnam.

I saw a movie almost 30 years ago called Hamburger Hill. Recall liking it, but it might have been facet of naive youth. Machismo and shit. Weird they got on a Mel Gibson jag, but didn’t mention he was in Gallipoli.

Chapo Trap House recently talked about a movie I cannot recall which I’ve ever seen! Ridley Scott’s The Duelists. Napoleonic Wars.1

It very much surprises me that I may have seen a LOT more movies than Ames and Dolan. Some on that IMDB that they haven’t seen, like Very Long Engagement, I’ve seen.


  1. It turns out that I have indeed seen it. []

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