Back on Cairo Gang this morning, until kid woke up to make me play live Ty Segall video yet again.

Didn’t know Valeria Luiselli is married to Álvaro Enrigue. His Hypothermia was on a TBR list for ages, but it got lost in the shuffle. Never got around to him. Sudden Death just came in in English in February. Both back higher in list to acquire in near future. Still reading Luiselli’s Sidewalks.

Adding Daniel Saldaña París’s Among Strange Victims too, although honestly- I’m on a history jag. Last night Thunder in the Mountains caught me eye at work.

Nine Questions for Emma Ramada on Anne Garréta, Sphinx, and Not One Day. Oulipo.

Quit Your Band! Musical Notes From The Japanese Underground. Heh. I was/am so proud of my copy of Japrocksampler.

Interview with Mary Timony on Jezebel. She regrets all of those overdubs on The Magic City and she’s wrong. They’re awesome. It’s also silly that she said that she couldn’t sing. Almost no one could sing in ’90s indie rock. Timony still puts out music I enjoy so it’s not as if she embraced aesthetics I reject. The wife loves Wild Flag and Ex Hex.

Everything We’ve Learnt About Studio Ghibli’s Hayao Miyazaki Since His False Retirement. Hm. Never-Ending Man: Hayao Miyazaki. It’s a different documentarian than did The Kingdom of Dreams and Madness, which has stuck with me for months after viewing.

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