Depressed by the bloodlust for war and Russian conspiracy theories. Might be running with some rambling escapism for awhile.

Took a small break from White Trash to read Valeria Luiselli’s Sidewalks, which has been sitting on shelf for too long. Adding Brodsky’s Watermark to list of books to grab up one day.

Digging the new Cairo Gang album Untouchable. The PopMatters interview has Kelly referencing Gong and Soft Machine? Odd. The song “That’s When It’s Over” posted has a slight reference to VU and massive Hendrixian riffs. Elements of Big Star & Badfinger in the other one.  (Yeah, I’m the same guy rolling my eyes at Wilco and Pearl Jam as indie dad rock yesterday.) Never listened to the Cairo Gang as much as I should.

Some DSA millennial guys were swooning over Drive Like Jehu and Hot Snakes yesterday. Huh. There’s a type, isn’t there? I was never much into either band, although revisiting them I warmed to them more than I did back in the day, giving away the CDs I ripped to a coworker who was into the Promise Ring, Rainer Maria, Hot Water Music, and Braid. I had no idea whether that really fit her tastes or not. Never much connected with Rocket from the Crypt anyway, resenting that they weren’t Rocket from the Tombs and that they sounded a little too polished.

Digging this King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard performance of “Rattlesnake”. Went off them in a tantrum because I had a preorder of vinyl canceled a couple of years ago.

I’ve been way out of the loop on Clipping. I’m not convinced, but it was still worth reading the interview with Daveed Diggs. Heh. He read the racist, fascist Nivens. The Hugo nomination is a bit surprising, but why not? The only surprise is that it’s taken so long. Rap has been embedded in sci-fi sound and imagery for a very long time.

Shit. It’s awesome that Malcolm Mooney did vocals for the Can 50 year celebration. No Damo Suzuki though. I was unaware of a rift between him and Can and hope he’s not in poor health.

New Warren Ellis newsletter is better than usual, rambling about Black Mountain College and atemporality.

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