Golly. That missile strike on Syria moved a lot faster than I expected. It’s funny to see the liberal Democrats falling over themselves to support this bullshit. It’s hard to see a long term realignment of factions though. All of this bloodthirsty assholes will drag us deeper into war but Trump won’t be able to restrain himself from doing something loutish enough that the liberals won’t forget that it should be Hillary advancing these wars.

Ancient skeletons show direct link to modern tribes in the Pacific Northwest. Shuká Káa. 10,300 years old.

Trump Conspiracy Tweetstorms Are The Infowars Of The Left. This might be a bit dated, because now that Trump has dumped 59 Tomahawk missiles on an airbase in Homs, Syria, the #Resistance seems to be rallying behind their president. Fucking morons.

The Deification of Hillary Clinton. This book is absolute shit. I caught onto it before it hit the shelves and read portions last week. It’s nothing new. The part that bugs me is that Melville House is coming off as the Regnery of the alt-center. Sane people don’t retweet Daou. Johnson has mentioned about how Melvile House is all about speaking truth to power, blah, blah, blah- No. They published Paul fucking Berman, the farewell speeches of the Obamas, and an apologia for Hillary Clinton. That’s liberal establishment. It’s exasperating.

Goodbye, American neoliberalism. A new era is here. Cornel West. I wish. EVerything still smells of fascism.

‘London Was, But Is No More’. Piece on Iain Sinclair’s The Last London.


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