morning 12.31.16

Detailed analysis on the EmDrive. Almost all of this is over my head, although the article is pretty straightforward. They delve into forces that might be causing the appearance of thrust. This sentence sticks out, “If either the EmDrive or Mach Effect Thruster is indeed genuine, then new physics is being discovered or old physics is being applied in a new, unfamiliar context.” I cling to this.

Global water crisis impending. Well, this is cheery news:

Inge de Graaf, a hydrologist at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado, developed a new model simulating regional groundwater dynamics and withdrawals from 1960 to 2100. She found that California’s agricultural powerhouses—the Central Valley, Tulare Basin, and southern San Joaquin Valley, which produce a plentiful portion of the nation’s food—could run out of accessible groundwater as early as the 2030s. India’s Upper Ganges Basin and southern Spain and Italy could be used up between 2040 and 2060. And the southern part of the Ogallala aquifer under Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico could be depleted between 2050 and 2070.

No water. No food. Keep on fracking that Ogalla aquifer too. That will stretch it out.

Pitchfork’s Best Underground Garage Punk Albums of 2016. Pitchfork left me behind many years ago when it transitioned into avant pop or whatever the fashion was at the time. However, quite a few gems on this list that I was pigshit ignorant of on here. Most are more sloppy punk than the psychedelic garage rock I usually lean on. The inclusion of a New Orleans based band, Heavy Lids, is a surprise, although the song didn’t grab me this morning. Vanity might be my favorite discovery of the bunch.

John Gibler & Gabriela Jauregui in conversation about the disappearance of forty-three students in the Mexican state of Guerrero in September 2014. Connections are made to Ferguson and the Haitian Revolution. I need to remember these writers.

Jeb Lund’s favorite things he wrote in 2016. In retrospect, surprisingly Jeb Lund might be one of the vectors through which I stumbled into the black hole of Irony/ Leftist/ Dirtbag Twitter. He doesn’t interact with them much at all. I enjoy his writing and missed a few of this over the year.

David R. Bunch’s MODERAN is being reprinted by NYRB Classics.  The VanderMeers pulled it off. Mumpsimus has a post expressing his feelings on Bunch being reclaimed from obscurity after first writing about Bunch over twelve years ago. I’ve never read Bunch. I’m just intrigued.

Trump praising Putin yet again yesterday for not retaliating isn’t unprecedented. Obviously he’s praised Putin before. He also praised Netanyahu when he was talking trash about Obama last summer. It’s not just Trump either. Remember that Boehner invited Netanyahu to speak to Congress about Iran in opposition to Obama’s policy towards Israel. Also, McCain palled around with Ukrainians criticizing the president while Obama was in talks with Putin. Trump’s obsession with Putin is dumb and dangerous, but I’m not seeing what the pearl-clutching pundits are seeing.

I don’t have much room to laugh at Democrats calling Trump’s action treason. Well, maybe. Back in the day, I obsessed on Cheney and the gang deliberately outing the identity of a CIA agent. Their reason for doing that was in retaliation for her husband calling into doubt their fabricated evidence of Iraq acquiring yellowcake uranium. I’m still not convinced that wasn’t treason. I’ve no love for the CIA, but federal officials actively abusing their powers to damage a federal agent, while possibly undermining and endangering other active agents seems kinda treasonous. That seems considerably more substantial than Trump calling Putin very smart for not reacting to Obama playing games to box in . Then again, as someone pointed out, even the Rosenbergs weren’t tried for treason. Let’s pretend that Trump is this utterly unique creature that has never been seen before.

Cleaning up and adding new RSS feeds is drudgery. It’s shocking how many dead blogs were in there, some abandoned many years ago. It’s weird to see how many names I recognized fled to Tumblr ages ago without my noticing.

noon 12.30.16

For a long time, I abandoned a RSS reader altogether to putter about on Twitter.1 Feedly isn’t terrible compared to the wondrous Google Reader that served well for years, but I was always lax about pruning and adding feeds. It’s a project that directly correlates to blog activity.

Something about this Russia story stinks. Matt Taibbi. It truly feels like a scam. Considering how much Keith Ellison is toeing the official line on the Obama’s Russian “hack” narrative, this doesn’t feel like this is about Russia primarily as it’s a game being played to push Ellison in a corner in his campaign for DNC chair. If Ellison is ambivalent on the Russia narrative,  he’s disloyal with the mainstream Democrats who believe this shit. If he embraces it, he loses momentum with his allies in the Left. 

Magnetic-Field ‘Avalanches’ May Explain ‘Alien Megastructure’ Star.

Nice piece in Quarterly Conversation on Flann O’Brien that I’ve yet to absorb. It’s excerpted from Sergio Pitol’s The Magician of Vienna, so it looks like that’s going to be something I need to pick up. Pitol is totally unfamiliar to me, but Vila-Matas wrote an introduction to an earlier work, The Art of Flight. This Trilogy of Memory sounds amazing (as I kinda relate in a superficial way.) Mexican writer. Ordered The Art of Flight now.

Why Only Humans Know How to Party. Crows know how to party. Ergo, this is a dumb title for this article. Otherwise, it’s a review of Robin Dunbar’s Human Evolution: Our Brains and Behavior.2 Nifty detail the reviewer caught:

An intriguing observation made by Mr. Dunbar—one of those things that seem obvious only after they are pointed out—is that music in general and dancing in particular are far more likely to take place in the evening than in the daytime. The author connects this fact with a hypothesis that fire served not only to facilitate cooking but also to extend our daily activity cycle so as to accommodate increased socializing—with music especially prominent in this regard.

Neo-Nazis Exploit Oakland’s Tragedy to Target Activist Hubs and DIY Venues Nationwide. Fucking finks and snitches. They’ve gone from SWATting each other while gaming to this.

Why you should never, ever listen to Nate Silver. I’ve no beef with Silver. He didn’t fail or betray me because his shtick bored me. He could still have been a genius prognosticator. I didn’t read him. I do get off in sacred cows getting slain though.  

Why “Rogue One” is a better Star Wars movie than “The Force Awakens”. True. 

  1. I have a bad feeling about Twitter’s future in 2017. []
  2. What’s funny is that one of the skate-punk kids I used to buy 40s for to keep them from doing dumb shit like huffing cleaning fluids walked into the bookstore the other day with his teenage daughter. They wanted me to explain “punctuated equilibrium” because they just saw it on a bumper sticker and figured I’d know the answer. []

morning 12.30.16

I spent most of yesterday assembling and re-assembling overly complicated Lego at the whim of a tyrannical three-year old.

No idea what to make of the U.S. and Russia expelling each other’s diplomats. (Whoops. Putin shut down the request of his own foreign ministry. This is turning into a WB Roadrunner cartoon or a trickster fable.) It feels like a farce with the incoming Trump administration likely to erase many of these tensions, but Obama could be enabling elements in State Department, CIA, and military that will remain. It’s a small surprise that they’re bothering with this theater at this late stage. I just don’t know.

More on Penman writing on Bowie and other general Bowie stuff.

  • Penman on late Bowie agrees with Critchley. I didn’t enjoy any of those albums much, but I enjoyed Bowie being comfortable with his life, if not so much his art. Enjoying an artist’s torment is one thing. Demanding it for continued superior art is quite another. I wince at the thought of listening to the new Nick Cave album.
  • My aunt loved the Glass Spider tour. Loved it.
  • I still haven’t quite made the connection to the Berlin era albums. I like and respect them, but mostly haven’t been able to get it under my skin as much as true Bowie acolytes do. I remain the guy who has the most affinity for Hunky Dory. Barbarian.
  • “When Robert Christgau claimed that one of below-par-Bowie’s main traits was ‘the way he simulates meaning’ he got it just right. The more stress Bowie put on his songs’ ‘meaning’ the less they sounded meaningful to the listener.” What’s nifty about this is that I absolutely love Brian Eno’s ’70s work, especially the lyrics. It doesn’t matter that they mean little. I well up in tears at some of that doggerel.
  • Penman doesn’t very much like Paul Morley’s book, dubbing it a bloated hagiography. Penman then goes on to get excited about another Bowie book that gets into numbers and record company politics. Duly noted.
  • Eno might have been right in dubbing Bowie “a far-sighted celebrant of some strange new ritual/cultural paradigm” for his crap albums. Bowie paved the way for bland albums that invited re-exploration of previous work.
  • Huh. Ernst Jünger wrote a sci-fi novel. Eumeswil. (‘ve never read any Jünger.)

I’ve been re-reading The Incal lately. I’m still buying new comics, but I need to drop the floppy habit. The cost to burst of enjoyment ratio is just too high.

Amazon To Airdrop Packages From Floating Blimp Warehouses. Nah, this is a bad idea.

Political Surrealism, Surreal Politics. Three unread recent China Miéville books are now on my shelves. I’ve really goofed off 2016. I ain’t promising nothing for 2017 either.

America needs a network of rebel cities to stand up to Trump. Ambitious but it’s saner than the faithless elector gambit, or worse yet, wishing for a military coup. Yes, some Dems have genuinely wished for a coup. It’s sad and creepy. The rebel cities network would actually directly improve the lives of people. Neoliberal mayors will never go along with it. They’re too invested in privatization and entrepreneurship. Good.

Atrios chimes in on the suicide pact that that Democratic establishment is making. He’s one of the few Bush era bloggers I still respect. (Currently MIA Billmon is beloved. Atrios is still a good guy. Marcy Wheeler is more centrist than I care for, but she’s sane and has integrity. Jesus’ General remains a moral character with low tolerance for bullshit.) He does seem to be missing a small detail in that many of the “Bernie would have won” people don’t mean it literally, but using it as short-circuit arguments so that they can push policies that would have increased voter engagement and turnout. I love Bernie, but he’s not the messiah. Then I read the comments. Oh, man. Trump will reign forever. Many of his faithful readers still haven’t gotten it through their skulls that Trump didn’t win because of his voters. He won because of the people who stayed home.1

The Lists Told Us Otherwise. I forgot. Why did I not have anything to do with n+1 for a long time? There was a very good reason and it now escapes me. Email archive is no help. The first account of a New Hampshire field office is extraordinarily depressing. The second half, attempting to decipher the next 4 to 8 years, doesn’t seem nearly bleak enough.

Playing the Space Trump Card: Relaunching a National Space Council. This might be the only small facet of the Trump administration that will genuinely amuse me in the months to come. A lot of the billionaire freaks who backed him, secretly or not, are hardcore advocates of space exploration. Maybe that should be space exploitation. Then again, it’s Trump. It’s going to be a waste of resources, a total boondoggle. So much for space Nazis.

The West Should Hope That Merkel Loses. Haha! This red-red-green coalition sounds awesome! Good luck with that. (Terrifying. I agree with the writer’s politics, but that’s not my uninformed impression of the way the wind is blowing in Germany. We’re all so fucked and it now feels like more fascism is welling up everywhere.)

Rudolf Virchow comes across as a fantastic inspiration and I don’t care if the duel story is apocryphal. “Physicians are the natural attorneys of the poor.” BTW, this is the third time in a week someone has mentioned the 1848 Austrian Empire Revolutions, which I may never have spent a moment thinking about before. Weird.

More fast radio bursts detected from same location. FRB 121102. The previous bursts were recorded in late 2015. The six new ones were recorded December 16, 2016. It could be a pulsar or a magnetar. It’s the first time burst like this seem to have the same source.

Slime mold can solve mazes, make decisions, and learn by merging together. Obviously, there’s no nervous system in these organisms. It’s a unicellular organism operating somewhat as a colony. Nifty.

Chaco Canyon inhabitants likely relied on imported food. Those trade networks already shown to be well-established and extensive. But why Chaco?


  1. Or worse, weren’t allowed to vote. []

morning 12.29.16

Wham Bang, Teatime. David Bowie piece by Ian Penman, tying up the books on Bowie this year. Examination of Bowie as “pop culture eschatology.” Too much to think about in just this one piece. Post it and let it stew. (I forgot I had Simon Reynold’s Shock and Awe squirreled away at work to buy when I might have extra cash.)

The Basic Instinct of Socialism. I’m still wrestling with my political identity. It’s been a lifetime of this. I’ve not read nearly as much serious theory as many of the Leftist folks I follow on Twitter. I’ve read a little Marx…. aaaaaaaand- that’s about it.1 The liberal label often stuck in my craw. I’m not clear on whether i embraced what I thought was liberalism because I didn’t know any better or if I ever was one. Economics was never strong passion of mine, but there’s no avoiding it anymore. What I was doesn’t much matter anymore. It’s how we get the fuck out of the mess we’re in. What Cooper wrote on democratic socialism works well enough today. Fuck capitalism. It’s a sucker’s game.

Trump rewards big donors with jobs and access. No surprise. He’s worse than Hillary would have been by a long shot. I just need to keep the link handy in case I get into an argument with that racist sexual predator who comes into the bookstore and yells for hours about shit like how someone needs to kill Obama. Yeah, really. Calling the Secret Service to report him would more likely result in me being fired, as we couldn’t even boot him for groping the women who worked there. This diabetic, asthmatic on disability and working illegally off the books has been on Cloud 9 in anticipation of all of the people Trump is going to “punish.” I’m actually friends with quite a few Trump voters, but this particular piece of shit exemplifies every gross stereotype made about them.

Trump is using federal contracts as a form of leverage. To be honest, I’m a little impressed by this innovation, even if it’s obvious that he’s going to use it entirely to enrich himself and his friends as he’s a corrupt piece of shit. Even better, Trump is going to fuck this up badly, because he’s a terrible businessman. For fuck’s sake, this is a man who genuinely believed Vince McMahon was blown up in in limousine in a pro-wrestling storyline and lost everything to a Japanese gambler who was murdered by the Yakuza. There’s a reason that there’s a team of bureaucrats who handle all of the tedious details of contracts. The military contractors are playing Trump now, letting him feel smart and powerful. They are going to rook the fuck out of that rube.

Since i swapped back to old blogging style of Fighting Against Making the Pie Higher, dumping a bunch of links in a post or two day, I pretty much abandoned categories and SEO tags. Orbis Quintus is far less visible on Google these days. There’s no audience for this blog anymore. There hasn’t been one for many years. That’s not much of a problem. It’s more of an open notebook these days than a platform for engagement with others. However, I do miss when random folks would pop in to add or correct something.

I’ve not been reading many blogs these days either. Some of the writers of my favorite blogs are on Twitter, but it’s easy to miss their posts because I get embroiled in playing spectator to absurdly hilarious meltdowns of centrist pundits and the Performative Woke gang. It’s a mistake that needs correcting.

  1. Oddly, Jesus has had greater influence on me than Marx, despite that I’ve never been indoctrinated into Christianity. []

morning 12.28.16

Is Children of Men 2016’s most relevant film? Probably. The only unrealistic detail in it seems that the weather could still be chilly enough for people to wear coats. I finally watched it last night. I had no idea that the film was essentially a flop. I’d followed it excitedly through production, then never got a chance to see it in theaters. The past ten years I’ve been procrastinating, because in essence I already knew the story and read most scenes described. (That memory of the treacly old trailer with Sigur Rós didn’t help.) Children of Men is one of the films that taught me not to read critical pieces before seeing a film, because I ruin the experience. Anyway, as far as I was aware of, it was universally praised, a triumph. It’s bizarre to read that the experience deeply traumatized Cuarón. It’s a great piece by Abraham Riesman. I’m grateful he wrote it and everyone shared it, obliging me to commit to watching this film finally.

That fake blood landing on the camera, with an explosion drowning out Cuarón’s command to cut, is a miracle. When I saw that last night, it crossed my mind for a split-second that it was an accident, but as it kept rolling, I dismissed the thought, thinking this is perfect brilliance.

This quote from Cuarón gives hope.

“I used to think that any solution would come from the paradigms that I know,” he says. “Now I think that the only thing is to think of the unimaginable. For the new generation, the unimaginable is not as unimaginable.”

More than one-third of schoolchildren are homeless in shadow of Silicon Valley. Christ. This is a fucking horror-show and Hillary won California by a landslide promising status quo policies. That liberal lawyer in New Orleans who was cheering Obama for creating jobs so fast that housing couldn’t keep up with demand still weighs on my mind.

Baby ‘Spiders’ on Mars Expand Across Sand Dunes. Now and forever, I will treasure the Martian spiders. For a long time, I was completely convinced that these features were something analogous to trees or fungi. It was irritating that few back in the ’90s would acknowledge them as something of interest. It’s pretty obvious now that they’re caused by liquid freezing and thawing, which is almost as phenomenal.

3,800 year old cultivation of wapato plants in British Columbia.  Wetland plant cultivation. A pavement was placed under the bed to prevent the roots of the plants growing too deep, allowing for easier harvesting.

I’m still reading Roadside Picnic. I picked up on the tv series Luke Cage again, but it’s a chore, as it’s fucking boring. There was absolutely no reason to be drawn out for so many episodes.

morning 12.27.16

Two days skipped and the habit of blogging is already escaping me.

I’m halfway through Roadside Picnic. Nothing of interest to comment on the book, but reading is another lost habit. The kid actually left me alone as I read, as he played with Lego. This might work.

Last night I watched Jodorowsky’s Dune. Kat gave it as a gift a Christmas or two ago. With the new movies rolling in, it was time to catch up, especially since I’m trying to push Jodorowsky films on coworkers. It was a fun watch for Jodorowsky’s passion, but it turned out that I’d seen or read most of what was described already through other sources. The Dan O’Bannon bits were the least familiar bits. I’d love to have heard more of him explain his peculiar meeting with Jodorowsky, or better yet, an entire documentary devoted solely to O’Bannon. It’s a shame he passed away a few years ago, but there’s probably more than enough material from past interviews for someone to create one.

The previous night I watched Sicario, with no other knowledge that people with taste I respect loved it, it has some actors I like, and it’s set in part in Juarez. It’s the first Villeneuve film I’ve seen, but man… it was easy to figure out Roger Deakins was involved. I don’t keep up with Deakins’ work, but it’s hard not to notice it. It bummed me the fuck out, as I’ve grown even softer with my sentiments as a parent. However, beautifully shot, well-acted, morally ambiguous films that question our future are very fucking welcome.


morning 12.24.16

A Conversation Between Timothy Morton and Jeff VanderMeer. Oh! I heard of Dark Ecology, but never took time to explore what the hell it was. When VanderMeer isn’t talking politics, I love the guy. Tall of Morton’s hyperobjects and VanderMeer’s porous quality of reality. The rest of the conversation is in Paradoxa 28 (not currently listed on website.)

An interview with Scott Esposito, author of The Missing Books. Yeah! He mentioned Lem! I wish the damned thing was in actual print. As much as I read digitally, it’s all articles and ephemeral things like Twitter posts. When Scott talks about it growing organically, which could have successive editions, it’s probably for the best that it’s only a digital entity for now.


Obama already slowed the reduction of the U.S. nuclear arsenal. Obama blamed Russian aggression on the new trillion dollar expenditure on modernizing that arsenal. Trump wants to be best buddies with Putin but also plans to escalate the nuclear arms race. Curious, that. Now meet the Private Corporations Building Our Nuclear Arsenal.

Given the penumbra of national security that envelops the country’s nuclear weapons programs, authentic audits of the contracts of these companies are not available to the public. However, at least the major corporations profiting from nuclear weapons contracts can now be identified. In the area of nuclear delivery systems—bombers, missiles, and submarines—these include a series of familiar corporate names: Boeing, Northrop Grumman, General Dynamics, GenCorp Aerojet, Huntington Ingalls, and Lockheed Martin. In other areas like nuclear design and production, the names at the top of the list will be less well known: Babcock & Wilcox, Bechtel, Honeywell International, and URS Corporation. When it comes to nuclear weapons testing and maintenance, contractors include Aecom, Flour, Jacobs Engineering, and SAIC; missile targeting and guidance firms include Alliant Techsystems and Rockwell Collins.

Make sense now? Both Obama and now Trump are beholden to military industry. It doesn’t fucking matter who the threat is or if there is a threat at all. The military industrial complex is hungry and is howling for obscenely bloated contracts. That’s why Hillary and her neocon buddies were laying groundwork for a New Cold War. Trump spoiled the pretext, but he’s openly bargaining with Boeing and Lockheed Martin, and now promising more nuclear weapons. We are now permanently at war footing and apparently the absurdly expensive planes being developed aren’t enough to line the pockets of these industrialists.

Kissinger, a longtime Putin confidant, sidles up to Trump. It’s baffling why Hillary could flaunt her friendship with Kissinger when she knew damned well that he is buddies with Putin too. Are the Pant Suit Nation people now saying Kissinger fooled Hillary and was a Russian spy all along? I’m down with condemning Kissinger as a war criminal and traitor. We build on that.

Trump team seeks names of officials working to counter violent extremism. What the fuck are they up to this time? First it was people on climate control they wanted to root out at the Energy Department. Then they wanted the names of people who’ve worked on women’s issues at the State Department. Are they trying to oust anyone they don’t think is Islamophobic enough for their tastes? (Probably.)


morning 12.23.16

My copy of Roadside Picnic came into the bookstore yesterday and it’s payday today. Yeah.

Last night insomnia struck again. I’m now well into the third chapter of Adam Curtis’ The Trap. Most of it is just confirming my own perceptions and beliefs, although there were a few times I did scramble for pen and notebook to write down a name. It’s essentially self-reindoctrination for me, although Curtis gave me a start when he introduced the early neoconservatives as “heroic.” It’s the first time I caught on that Curtis possibly has quite a different system of values than my own.

Bill set me on the path of tracking down some Pierre Senges now. The Major Refutation: English Version of Refutatio Major sounds amazing. I was ignorant of Contra Mundum Press. Here’s a 2012 interview with its founder, Rainer J. Hanshe. His passion for Szentkuthy is infectious, but I’m too fucking lazy and distracted even to make a feeble attempt to read him.

It’s weird to see more Pessoa in print. The Transformation Book? I remember when Penguin put out a translation of The Book of Disquiet. Stacks of remaindered copies wound up in the salebooks in 2003. I picked up a few and gave them away. I still regret not rescuing more. Longish profile of Pessoa by Carmela Ciuraru that I don’t recall reading before. It’s been so long since I looked up Pessoa that I have no idea when Wikipedia added such a comprehensive list of his heteronyms.

Ty Segall Auctions Rare Test Pressings for Charity. “Raising money for the American Civil Liberties Union, Planned Parenthood, and Standing Rock.” Oh hell. It’s a relief to see the values of an artist you adore align so well with your own.

The Least Important Writers Of 2016. I learned to ignore and/or hate the majority of these people from their presence on Twitter, if not years before. It’s stunning to see how many bland, centrist characters have become toxic presences in 2016. Anyway, from C. Wright Mills, The Power Elite (1956):

The American elite is not composed of representative men whose conduct and character constitute models for American imitation and aspiration. There is no set of men with whom members of the mass public can rightfully and gladly identify. In this fundamental sense, America is indeed without leaders. Yet such is the nature of the mass public’s morally cynical and politically unspecified distrust that it is readily drained off without real political effect. That this is so, after the men and events of the last thirty years, is further proof of the extreme difficulty of finding and of using in America today the political means of sanity for morally sane objectives.

America – a conservative country without any conservative ideology-appears now before the world a naked and arbitrary power, as, in the name of realism, its men of decision enforce their often crackpot definitions upon world reality. The second-rate mind is in command of the ponderously spoken platitude. In the liberal rhetoric, vagueness, and in the conservative mood, irrationality, are raised to principle. Public relations and the official secret, the trivializing campaign and the terrible fact clumsily accomplished, are replacing the reasoned debate of political ideas in the privately incorporated economy, the military ascendancy, and the political vacuum of modern America.

The men of the higher circles are not representative men; their high position is not a result of moral virtue; their fabulous success is not firmly connected with meritorious ability. Those who sit in the seats of the high and the mighty are selected and formed by the means of power, the sources of wealth, the mechanics of celebrity, which prevail in their society. They are not men selected and formed by a civil service that is linked with the world of knowledge and sensibility. They are not men shaped by nationally responsible parties that debate openly and clearly the issues this nation now so unintelligently confronts. They are not men held in responsible check by a plurality of voluntary associations which connect debating publics with the pinnacles of decision. Commanders of power unequaled in human history, they have succeeded within the American system of organized irresponsibility.

The nitwits that Deadspin notes as the least important writers are the couriers elite of the current regime of crackpot realists.

Your App Isn’t Helping The People Of Saudi Arabia. Felix Biederman finally has his piece on the Saudis up. No surprises for me, aside from the actual fucking app to report people. Damn it to hell.

Mother Jones’ Legacy Is Haunting Mother Jones as the Magazine Embraces Neoliberalism. Kevin Drum always sucked. I loathed CalPundit, as he’s one of the ones I remembered supported the 2003 Iraq War. Too many others got a free pass, as it was hard to recall them all.) The moment they hired him, it was easy to see where it was going.

North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy. As anyone else with sense has been saying, expect to see this unfurl nationwide.


morning 12.22.16

Better Government Association lawsuit forces Rahm Emanuel to release thousands of emails from private accounts. The emails don’t reveal as much about the cover-up of the murder of Laquan McDonald and the police black site as suspected, but they do provide evidence supporting what we already know, that Rahm is a vile reptile who doesn’t give a fuck about the citizens of Chicago. Russians aren’t making people think that.

New questions complicate Ellison’s bid for DNC chair. Fuck this shit. Fuck this asshole Bob Mulholland. If these dweebs block Ellison with petty shit like this, it will be time to destroy the Democratic Party.

Pst. BTW- Both Rahm and Tom Perez worked for Obama. It’s not hard to figure out. Obama is more charismatic than Hillary, but he has a pernicious streak of embracing people who have allegiances to powerful interests that frequently don’t intersect with normal citizens.

Celebrity isn’t just harmless fun – it’s the smiling face of the corporate machine. There’s no conspiracy theory. This is social engineering.

very little time this morning.


winter solstice morning 12.21.16

Low-income residents being ousted from New Orleans’ American Can Co. affordable-housing complex. Liberalism and capitalism, folks. It’s tempting to track down that liberal lawyer in New Orleans who was LOLing on Facebook at how awesome Obama is for creating an economy creating jobs so fast that housing cannot keep up with the market, but she’s probably beyond hope. I feel helpless as I don’t even know how to begin helping fight this crisis. It’s been unfolding for many years now, while I’ve been obsessing on other random issues.

The hominids at the Sima del Elefante site in Spain 1.2 million years ago hadn’t mastered fire to cook. Not quite a surprise.

Team Bernie: Hillary ‘F*cking Ignored’ Us in Swing States. Of course they did. This article focuses on petty bullshit, but so much of this seems on the resolute refusal to give up on TPP. Obama is now trying to kneecap Keith Ellison over TPP. It’s wonderful that they

n + 1 has a better take on moronic obsession with Russian hacking right now than I would have expected.

Keith Ellison’s one-man march. I’m less invested in the man himself (although I like him a lot) as in opposition to the forces aligning against Ellison. He’s made some enemies that I truly hate.

Peter Thiel is pushing Donald Trump to use private space companies at NASA. Reconciling the petrochemical resurgence with the push for advancing space programs is still odd.

Iron ‘jet stream’ detected in Earth’s outer core. It surges westwards under Alaska and Siberia. The article gets into figuring out the Earth’s magnetic field, but it’d be interesting to know how this will affect research on plate tectonics, and specifically the seeming intense activity of the Ring of Fire lately.

New Dead Sea Scrolls Fragments Found in Judean Desert. Cave of Skulls. Excavation underway. Fragments were found on black market and traced back to this site.

Arctic Inuit, Native American cold adaptations may originate from extinct hominids. Denisovans!

Oldest Evidence for Plant Processing in Pottery Found. Libyan Saharan Desert. 8200–6400 BC, when the Sahara was still green with lakes and grasslands. “Detailed analyses of the molecular and stable isotope compositions showed a broad range of plants were processed, including grains, the leafy parts of terrestrial plants, and most unusually, aquatic plants.”