morning 08.15.16

Hm. There is still more evidence of Clinton Foundation & State Department coordination than there is of Manafort being an agent of Putin. That said, it’s pretty funny how when Manafort was a consultant for Yanukovych in Ukraine, he was also informing Clinton’s State Department on developments.

Very, very funny.

Manafort also worked with Prince Bandar of House of Saud. The Clintons and the Saudis go way back.

The Black Monday Murders is promising to be one hell of a comic. I read the first issue yesterday in between stints of obsessively monitoring the flooding in the Florida Parishes. Occult conspiracy in the world of finance. Part From Hell, part last act of Foucault’s Pendulum. Coker’s art is perfect- richly detailed and brooding.

There’s something weird going on beyond Neptune. “…the trans-Neptunian object, which has been nicknamed “Niku,” is also spinning around the sun backwards, in the opposite direction of the rest of the planets.” Madness! This is madness! We need to repurpose a probe in the near future to investigate Niku. This is could be key. Niku is only 200 km across. Its behavior could hint of a larger object further out.

Time to scrap the idea that humans arrived in the Americas by land bridge. Pacific coastal route ascendant! Earlier entry into the Americas! Yeah! Remember… humans reached Australia by boat pretty early. It’ll be fun to see just how far back the presence of humans in the Americas really goes.

dawn 08.04.16

Tagging mp3s is a morass. That’s how I’ve been wasting my time. It seemed a good idea to curate the shit out of my music selection to get out of the musical rut I’m in. I wound up obsessing on discographies of bands and artists I barely give a fuck about. The only wise decision was finally ditching iTunes for Media Monkey.

I borrowed the book White Trash by Isenberg from work. There’s been no opportunity to read more of it. I glanced at this NYT review, but it’s laughable- falling prey to what about? Sugrue apparently wasn’t paying attention to the Democratic primaries this spring or bothered his pretty mind with Trumpism. I’m not uninterested in the plight of 19th century Chinese immigrants, but that’s another book. I’ve a long way to go with White Trash, but the impression is how a certain group of poor people have been manipulated into perpetuating racism to enforce class structure. Two other coworkers plan to read it. One of them is urging us other two to read Leamer’s The Lynching as well.

Ceres’ interior is weak enough that its shape is governed by how it rotates. Hydrostatic equilibrium. Nifty.

A structure that represents the biggest known genetic difference between humans and Neanderthals also predisposes humans to autism. Huh. It also has gene that codes for protein that forms a complex with another protein that allows capture of iron more efficiently, especially in early cell development.