more on Bowie loving music

A few months ago, I was on a Harmonia and Cluster binge, so it’s good to see someone take the momentum of mourning David Bowie to praise the art he loves. An article in the New Yorker pivots his praise of Harmonia’s work to explore the recent reissue of their albums.

Here’s the German tv interview the article points to in which Bowie praises his favorite Krautrock.

Brian Eno recently posted on Twitter a link to this 2013 piece of 25 vinyl records Bowie had for which particular fondness. It was a surprise to see Daevid Allen on there. Bananamoon is not an album I listen to as much as I should. (When I listen to Daevid Allen, Good Morning and Now Is the Happiest Time of Your Life are my go-to albums.) Bowie was so damned eclectic and tasteful. I need to listen to Steve Reich more. I stumbled onto him before and lost that thread. A large portion of the list is underplayed or unknown gems for me.

butchered mammoth places humans in Siberian Arctic 45,000 years ago

The remains of a newly discovered butchered mammoth places humans in the Siberian Arctic 45,000 years ago, which is 15,000 years earlier than previously estimated. The site is on Yensei Bay. That’s some seriously inhospitable territory, even 45,000 years ago I think. That’s a considerable distance from the Bering Strait, but if humans were traversing such terrain that early, that opens a lot of questions.