I Traum of Zettel

Lest you remain skeptical of digital utopianism and the brave new vistas available to you via the information superhighway, I present The Untranslated’s attempt at a close reading of Schmidt’s Zettels Traum. In German. In Schmidt’s German. This is a major undertaking, and the fact that it is being shared with us english-speakers (and so soon after the magnificent capsule of Los Sorias) is a gift worthy of laurels. I salute our reader.

The translation is due early next year (although I’ll only believe it when I have it in my hands), and if this serial close-read does nothing more than allow us to appreciate the genius of John Woods it will be a highlight of the literary internet.


that True Detective post it seems I never got around to

True Detective seems to have crashed and burned this year, but the first season still entertained me. After a few searches, it seems that the local connection to True Detective was never mentioned here. I apologize if I’m repeating myself again.

Here’s the first post I made on the Hosanna sex abuse case in 2005 and here’s the second one.

Daily Beast had a reporter who investigated the story the first time around make a quick post.

Vice did a thirty minute documentaryCulture Vulture then interviewed the reporter.

Got all that? Hosanna wasn’t even the first Satanic panic. It was just a flower of a long-running obsession of the area. The whispers and fingerpointing were ceaseless. It might go further back but the root of much of the absurd folklore that I heard traced back to Bill Elder’s special report in July and August 1988 on WWL.

Yep. It opens in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. I know nothing of those old ladies at the moment and don’t want to speak ill of them. However, most of the animal mutilation and sacrifice were utter bullshit. Animals that died of sickness were claimed as stolen and the carcasses were discarded on backroads, especially the ones shown on the Bill Elder report, Skull Creek. The pentagrams and candles in that area were often just teens from the local high school into Slayer and Black Sabbath. Some of the “rituals” were just people getting drunk around a bonfire listening to heavy metal and drawing graffiti in spray paint. Some of the occult imagery omitted from this video would be slogans like “Ozzy Lives!” and “Anarchy Now!”

There were weird people in the woods and swamps. Remember that the Klan was very active in the area at the time. People with secret pot farms were also far more common, before planes and helicopters with thermal imaging were standard use. Both were very aggressive in keeping people out of their territory. Satanists? Ehhhhh… Not really, unless you count nihilist bikers and lisping heroin addicts. True Detective had it more right than Bill Elder did.