Time Is A Mountain

I’m also making feeble attempts to catch up on newish music. Some friends on Facebook are incessantly posting Youtube music videos on there for years, as if they’re running old-fashioned music blogs, so I’m not as far behind as I might have suspected.

Checked Mojo’s site for its 2013 list, as some of their reviews hit things that I dig. I got no further than #50, the first one. It’s going to be more interesting than the later works of faded giants most likely.

Ah, Swedish. Dug up a positive review too.

back to the Back to Africa news

This is the reason why I need to use the blog. I was excited this morning to run across this story about the Khoe-San being relatively recent in southern Africa, that they too contain Neandertal heritage. Nifty!

…only to discover that in another thwarted foray into blogging back last fall, that was one of the very few posts I made. Whoops.

At least I have an infant son to blame my absentmindedness on this time, but that doesn’t explain New Scientist‘s.


new Voynich manuscript theory: It’s written in Nahuatl

Nah, this isn’t any Carlos Castaneda junk…

It’s an actual botanist recognizing the plant illustrations as similar to species found in central Mexico.

I like it!

However, Alain Touwaide makes a statement that makes even more sense: “I believe that it doesn’t prove anything. If it’s a forgery, someone could very well have had the idea of creating the forgery on the basis of New World flora. At the most, it shows a possible source of the forgery.”

once more, a half-hearted attempt

It’s difficult to keep a blog these days. The changes in the ways I’ve absorbed, recorded, and shared information has changed so much in the past few years that this blog is somewhat vestigial. If something interests me these days, I email the article to Bill, I retweet or favorite it on Twitter, upvote (and misplace) on Reddit, or I paste it into a Google document in directories that have no organization. The journals that I’ve been keeping for over twenty-five years are fallow as well. The death of Google Reader is still painful.

It’s time to give the blog a try yet again. The only information that stuck in my mind consistently were the stories that I linked in blogs. This morning I stumbled across a news article on something that I’ve been following for years. If it hadn’t been for the blog, it might not have lodged in my brain.