Bow and arrow technology pushed back to 71,000 years ago

Once again, the find is out of South Africa. To quote the article, “But whether this flickering pattern in the archaeological record is real or merely an artifact of the small number of sites excavated has been unclear.” My vote is on the latter, based on just stubborn belief…. unscientific, yes, but it also doesn’t seem rational humans raced across the planet then refined these hunting technologies very quickly. They brought these more refined technologies with them, possibly why they spread so far and rapidly.

Anonymous claims to have compromised ORCA election day

There is no doubt in my mind that Ohio was stolen with improperly tallied ballots in 2004. It wouldn’t have been a complete surprise to see Ohio mysteriously swap over to Romney during the night in 2012.

Now Anonymous claims to thwarted Rove’s efforts to steal Ohio for Romney by sabotaging ORCA (which was trumpeted as a secret weapon but turned out to be a dud.)

The truth? Eh… Anonymous’ claim appeals to my sense of the absurd and the underdog triumphing over the bully. If it pisses off the extreme rightwing too, good. Keep them so frothing mad in their delusions that they keep attacking shadows.

But this just turned up on New Directions’ Tumblr.

Point to Rove. Consider my head fucked with.

“Sign The Dotted Line” – Guy Picciotto and Jeff Mangum

From last night’s Strike Debt telethon. Guy Picciotto and Jeff Mangum covering the Tall Dwarves.

Thanks for the video,Kevin Jones. Even sadder that Bill and I will almost certainly miss Jeff Mangum play at One-Eyed Jack’s this January as we cannot wrangle it into our schedules.

Nope. Not given to the Rolling Jubilee yet (but plan to.) I gave to  the Occupy Sandy  on the Amazon registry though.

Bolaño’s twin voices

New Directions blog has a post on a panel discussion with Bolaño’s English translators. Bolaño’s natural cadence in his writing that makes me coming back to him and it’s amazing that both of his translators manage to deliver something I believe is his actual voice, forgetting sometimes that I’m reading translations.

Via Conversational Reading.

Hell, I don’t think I was even aware New Directions has a blog now and it’s been going for over a year. Oops.