David Markson remembered

October 7th, there was a remembrance for David Markson in Tishman Auditorium in New York City. From the article, it seemed pretty cool and tasteful, with 200 people showing up to speak about him. The New York Institute of the Humanities presented it, and the flyer lists William Kennedy, Alastair Reed, Pete Hamill, Ann Beattie, Art Spiegelman, Ted Mooney, Martha Cooley, Johanna Markson, Chris Sorrentino, Jack Shoemaker, Lawrence Weschler, and Kate Valk as participants.

Some of the books formerly from Markson’s library (which were annotated) were brought for people to buy, which makes me cringe a little, but there might be some financial problems that i’m not aware of. In rooting around to see if any explanation has surfaced as to why the collection was broken up, i ran across this article that links a Facebook group devoted to cataloging that collection and hopefully recording the notes that he left. A few scanned images of his comments are posted.