A New Novel by Eco!

There was a time when this news would have sent me into paroxysms of glee.  As it is, I’m merely excited.

The novel, titled “The Prague Cemetery,” is the story of a secret agent who “weaves plots, conspiracies, intrigues and attacks, and helps determine the historical and political fate of the Continent,” his publisher said. Mr. Eco, 78, is widely known for his philosophical writings and his fiction, especially “The Name of the Rose.” His most recent novel, “The Mysterious Flame of Queen Loana,” was published in 2005.

A Library In Mongolia

From the breathless YouTube script, which, decoded, is about preserving the texts of the Buddha:

The only copy of ancient encyclopedia Kangyur which invented by ancient gurus in Tibet and India is under active rescue mission in Mongolian National Library. Its original tibetan and sanskrit versions destroyed through wars and social instabilities and only Mongolian version is saved intact with Mongolian ancient scholars. Now it is taking another fresh breath of getting digitized hence taking chance of educating people.