Gypsy Lou

One of my friends who i worked with at one of the bookstores, Nick of Big Black Cloud, owned a first edition Bukowski on Luojon Press.1 That seemed weird at the time. Bill and i ran across the book Bohemian New Orleans later, but Bill was in such a foul anti-Beat mood that i didn’t read it, as i wasn’t in the mood for that flavor of hectoring. Loujon slipped out of mind.

I had no clue that Gypsy Lou, co-proprietor of Loujon Press, is still in circulation at the age of 91. Also, i didn’t have a clue that there was film documentary now as well.

With the photos, i’m now realizing that i used to see her around the Quarter a lot, back when i was down in New Orleans frequently.

  1. At least i remember that he did. []

show some of the 2008 Olympic fencing competition now already!

NBC refused to show anything but the medal ceremony for women’s sabre fencing this morning. Not a single clip of the competition was shown. It was weird to see a post on the lack of BBC coverage of fencing on Freaky Trigger just now, at the same time i was trying to pull something up on Bittorrent. Even though it’s a sport that i know virtually nothing about, i admire the aesthetic of it. Here’s footage from the 2004 Olympics in Athens, in which Mariel Zagunis won her first gold in the sport.

And here’s footage of epée and sabre fencing from the infamous 1936 Olympics in Berlin, filmed by Leni Riefenstahl

Stop all of this lip service about how it’s not about the medals, but about the competition, if all NBC shows of the more esoteric sports is the medal ceremonies alone. Cut just a little of of that women’s volleyball and biking coverage for just a few minutes of fencing.

2,000 year old skeleton in southeast Englad with ties to La Tène culture

The 2,000 year old skeleton found in southeast England with a shield decorated with patterns invoking the La Tène culture and a Mannheim helmet is pretty cool. The theory is that he was a tribal nobleman from mainland Europe with Roman ties. The bones are to be tested for isotopes to see where he lived in his youth. Anything that proves that humans have always been widely traveled is fun.

More wild speculation on South Ossetia & Iran

After watching Bush being like a petulant child at the Olympics last night (including what seemed to be a terse exchange with Putin, who looked comfortable,) and seeing how severe the Russian action is in South Ossetia (and it spilling into more of Georgia, including the region of Abkhazia,) i’m even more convinced that this was to be a distraction leading to a U.S. strike on Iran. The change in my thinking is that the gambit has already failed.

If we are to have learned anything in the past eight years, unless it’s about conning the American people, every plan that the Bush administration undertakes turns to shit. Even though every news report i read now casts Russia as the aggressor, the first ones had Georgian peacekeepers inexplicably begin firing on their Russian counterparts. Russia has responded with overwhelming force. I can imagine that in Beijing, Putin coolly brushed off Bush’s words, dropping hints that Russia is well aware of the carriers enroute to the Persian Gulf.

So we get this:1

Now Bush is going to have to slink back to Big Daddy Cheney to explain that once again, Putin spanked his ass. The Iran strike is probably off, but South Ossetia is fucked.

  1. I loathe Bush far more than the average citizen, but his public behavior is usually caused by something. Simple boredom is possible, but almost certainly there was more on his pea brain than the Olympic opening ceremonies. Mock him for being a failure as much as possible, but with a potentially major crisis unfolding, as the president of the United States, he had other duties to attend to, even if it was just sniveling back to Cheney that Putin stole his lunch money and gave him a wedgie. []