traffic on Beringia land bridge flowed both ways

Proposing that the original colonists of the Americas were of greater genetic diversity than originally proposed makes sense to me, but there doesn’t seem to be any mention of a southern route.

The Beringia land bridge just isn’t enough for me anymore. Not only am i sympathetic to the coastal sea route in the Americas, but i’m believing that people crossed the open oceans from Polynesia relatively early. Craziness, but so what?

Sumerian cuneiform in North Carolina

The story as to how this Sumerian cuneiform tablet wound up in the hands of a drywall hanger in Fayetteville, North Carolina still sounds fishy to me. The story that Veenker is connecting the tablet to, about 14 missing tablets sold in 1962 in Philadelphia to the Oriental Institute in Chicago might fit some facts, like the inscriptions matching the ones transcribed from an inventory made years ago, but again, this is Fayetteville, North Carolina.

I’m sticking with my wild guess that the tablet is a piece from the Iraqi National Museum.