Mount Analogue

It’s one thing to know that a book is an unfinished work. It’s quite another to be in the middle of a sentence, with what seems to be a sizable chunk ahead, only to find that not ven this sentence has been completed. The remainder of the book turned out to be notes from Daumal on mountaineering and a postscript from his wife. The beginning of the book already had a lengthy essay discussing Daumal’s influences.

Mount Analogue is an odd little book. Even though i’ve read some Gurdjieff, i’m still not well-versed enough in his brand of bullshit to catch what Daumal was doing. (Yep, i skipped that essay in beginning.) It came off as a literary fantasy to me, but not quite. An Amazon commenter mentioned that he read it as parody of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells. It might be an allegory, but it’s a relatively fun one.

The other thing is that while it was completely different in tone, it was reminding me ever so faintly of The Third Policeman. If you have read Daumal and know that i’m full of shit, consider this… Lost. I forgot who insisted that if one read The Third Policeman that one would have a better grasp as to what’s going on with the television show lost, but i was getting the vague sensation that some of the same stuff was going on with Mount Analogue. The character Sogol’s explanation on why the island, in the South Pacific no less, existed without discovery came off as something that might turn up in Season 4 of Lost.

There are more reasons, but i left the book at home and didn’t take notes. Again… tt was a hell of a suckerpunch to be left hanging in the middle of that last sentence.

"100,000-year old knife discovered in Iran "

Make that “stone tool.” Calling a stone tool evidence of a “civilization” seems a little… um…. hyperbolic.

Six Iranian archeologists in cooperation with nine Korean archeologists undertook a discovery project in the northern province of Iran around 10 days ago.

The archeologists could unearth a stone tool comparable to a knife made of stone. The experts estimated the stone knife must date back at least 100 thousand years.

According expert finding a knife in an archeological site is a sign of existence of a civilization in that area.

The archeologists are to continue the task till August 16 in the ancient cities of Roudbar, Roudsar and Siahkal, IRINN reported.

Teeth of Homo erectus have been found in that area of Iran before.

one million years old "human" footprints in Pakistan

This could turn out to be worth remembering:

Islamabad, July 28 : Pakistani archaeologists have found two over one million years old human footprints preserved on sandstone in the Margalla Hills, which surround the capital.

World-renowned archaeologist and historian Dr Ahmad Hassan Dani of the Taxila Institute of Asian Civilisations, Quaid-i-Azam University, made the discovery.

A footprint of one foot is in complete and well-preserved form, while another is broken from the finger side, which is also of the same size in comparative manner, the Dawn reports.

The notable marks of the feet are the clear veins and opposite folded appearance, the report adds.

According to Dr. Azad, further research of the footmarks using anthropological and geophysical methods, might give more clues.

The recent discovery is the continuity of the Indusian Research Cell’s earlier research about human evolution, which previously revealed a fossilised upper jaw from the site of Dhudhumber, foot, and handprints from Attock and Palaeolithic cave from the Margalla Hills.

Pakistan is said to have abundant fossilised evidences of Pre-Cambrian to Holocene epochs, the earliest evidences of the anthropoid existence, the earliest cultural centre at Mehargarh (contemporary of Jericho and Jarmo) and most advanced civilisation of the world (Indus Valley).

According to Dr. Azad the formation of the Margalla Hills goes back to the Miocene epoch. The dominant limestone of the Margalla is also mixed with the sand stone.

Homo erectus? It would be interesting to see more evidence outside Africa. Edit: I always want more evidence. even though it’s false, that creationist trope about all evidence for human evolution would fit inside a single coffin drives me nuts.

unwritten etiquette more important than constitutional law

Oh no! Specter dissed his White House homies whilst hitching a ride on Air Force One! Unspoken rules of decorum! It’s unseemly to break those rules of etiquette!

Seriously…. what the fuck? Specter broke “points of decorum” with his mild criticism?

Gonzales gleefully and willfully perjured himself before a Senate committee earlier this week.

What a bunch of prissy, mealy-mouthed little shits these White House people are, both the Bush administration and the dipshit press corps that reported this story. Crimes are being committed, yet they are still getting in a snit about anyone upsetting their precious king of New Versailles.


Overview on the new M.I.A. album Kala on 17 dots. I reckon that i’ve heard a third of the tracks and still enjoy them, even though Damien has me feeling dirty over my fetish for her.

I’ve already chose to see LCD Soundsystem over her at ACL Fest in September, but i might have to see her after all with Voodoo Fest in New Orleans…. as if i really go see live music that much. There has been at least a dozen bands in the past two months playing in New Orleans and Baton Rouge that i’ve skipped out on. Not even pretending that i intend to see Marnie Stern at the Spanish Moon tonight.