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Florida Parishes project

The past few days have been an odd obsession with the Florida Parishes of Louisiana of nearly 200 years ago, mostly the land that became Tangipahoa, Washington, & St. Tammany. The original intent was to map out all of the Spanish headrights that were granted prior to the Republic of West Florida onto a Google Map, but Memorial Day weekend is a terrible time to start a project like this. Hardly any of the information is online, and the courthouses and libraries were all likely to be locked up tight.

Because this project took a turn into genealogical drivel, i’m a little burned out on the idea this morning, but i’ll be coming back to it.

I’ve talked trash about Samuel Hyde’s Pistols and Politics: The Dilemma of Democracy in Louisiana’s Florida Parishes, 1810-1899 before, but i’m appreciating it a lot more today. It’s damned hard not to be partisan when one starts delving too deeply in this. It still bugs me how the book turns into a narrative exploring the ancestor that Hyde is a namesake of, but it’s even harder to escape that i understood. The deeper that i dug into my own family’s past, the more that i figured out what Hyde had to resort to doing.

I was wrong wrong wrong about one assumption i made about the book years ago too. Although i’m still at the beginning of my exploration of this material, my family seems to have been allied with the powers that the Hyde family was allied to, the Courthouse faction. At the least, they wound up fighting some of the same people, perhaps for different reasons.

Hopefully, this won’t be another of my abandoned projects.

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Pirate steals Gotham Book Mart

Does anyone else get the feeling that the landlord who “won” this auction should be hauled into the street, and beaten? $400,000 for all of those books and ephemera? That’s piracy!

The whole story reeks of incompetence and corruption. I don’t doubt that Brown screwed up in handling the finances, but the inventory of the Gotham Book Mart is worth far more than $400,000. The way that the auction was run sounds fishy too.

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