back from Austin…

No, this doesn’t explain why the blog has been utterly silent for almost all of this July. There was a variety of reasons for that, but the only ones that are worth mentioning are that the comment spamming was getting to be quite vicious and the server was frequently down.

I only bought a couple of books this trip, William Gass’ Temple of Texts (which actually earned a warm remark from the cashier, who was unaware of the book and now wants to read it. He was obviously more familiar with Gass than i am,) and Guy Davenport’s Geography of the Imagination. Davenport’s comments on Borges in a review by of that biography by Williamson pissed off Bill back in the day, but i’m enjoying the book thus far.

Picked up the new translation of The Black Book, but it’s gathering dust on the shelf. I have doubts whether i’d perceive much of a difference, but we shall see. It’s not as if i have the previous translation handy.

Somehow Donna Tartt made her way into my reading this month. I breezed through The Secret History, which only sidetracked me into reading John Fowles, first The Magus, then The Collector. (Hopefully i can come back to Fowles later.) I staggered back to Tartt, only to find that The Little Friend is another sort of book altogether.

Absalom! Absalom! was in the mix, but it was bumming me out. It was time to escape from the self-obsessed mythology of the South. (Actually this came long before i tackled The Little Friend, but since it fits more in the flavor of To Kill a Mockingbird and Tom Sawyer, it’s not remotely as sour of a taste.) I switched to something that i imagined would be light and breezy, something that i could talk about with some of the folks from work, that goddamned book Son of a Witch, which was one of the worst pieces of tripe that i’ve ever waded through…. turgid, smug, hollow… fuck that shit.

There are a number of other books that are slipping through the cracks of this post (McCarthy’s Child of God and Heinrich’s The King’s Evil are two that just leaped to my mind,) and there are dozens of comic books that i’m too uncomfortable to mention this morning.

Again, i don’t know if the blog will be up to speed any time soon, but I apologize to our handful of readers still hanging around. We gotta get warmed up again.