trans-oceanic E6

The guy who has been passing me those videos that i’ve been posting this week turned me onto something that slipped through the cracks for me.

Kahimi Karie “Do You Know the Time?” I have a vague recollection her collaborating with Momus, but i don’t recall anything about an Olivia Tremor Control collaboration, as i’m sure that i would have tracked it down on my own by now. Barrett era Pink Floyd being fronted by a Japanese chanteuse.

My ignorance remains boundless

Sometimes music just clicks after years and years, when prior it swirled about me like water against a stone in the stream. I always suspected that i’d get around to jazz, but i never thought that i’d embrace the girl group sound so enthusiastically so late. I knew how important it was to many artists i love, but it always seemed cloying and dated to my ears. there were certain songs and groups that i got in a nostalgic way, but rarely on their own terms. The best chance i had with a girl group was if there was a New Orleans connection, like the Dixie Cups.

The Shangri-las “The Train from Kansas City” While i have played lip service to knowing that Belle & Sebastian ripped off girl groups sounds, i don’t ever remember hearing this song before the new compilation One Kiss Can Lead to Another. It’s probably obvious to anyone else, but i don’t listen to oldies radio. (My listening habits can be quite insular really.) Murdoch snatched so many fragments of this song that i’m astounded by his boldness. Too long have i focused on the aspects lifted from more guitar oriented artists, like the Velvet Underground (who i know are guilty of the same lifts,) Donovan, and Nick Drake. My awareness of the other debts has not been enough.

Even without knowledge of how this particular song or style has influenced music i’ve listened to for many years, suddenly i’m connecting to this music in a way that i never have before. There’s a modernity to it that never seeped into my head.

Addendum: Since i fell into the bounds of Gen X, i felt bombarded with the Baby Boomer nostalgia during the ’80s. It’s a wonder i have any affection for the ’60s at all, but it was the endless Motown soundtrack for every damned movie that left me calloused and untouched. My parents are of the so-called Silent Generation, so this is not a rebellion then later adaption of their tastes.

Man Man and Okkervil River tonight @ Spanish Moon

My shift has changed, damn it, to the closing shift. I love Okkervil River, but it was Man Man that i was most eager to see live again (as i’ve seen Okkervil twice already.) Whoever is up second is who i get to see…