Long live White Witch!

Over on the Music Chamber, Tim Ellison is getting really into White Witch. He’s made several posts, here, here, here, and here, and started an ILM thread.

Yep. I’m the same badger Damien’s mentioned on the WW page. When i first turned Damien onto computers, he had me start looking up all of his childhood idols, the ones so obscure and peculiar that no one else seemed to remember them. At the time, the only mentions of White Witch were two wildly inaccurare reviews on the AMG. Damien then had me punching in the names of the members of White Witch, and we were pretty sure that we had found Ron Goedert, still living down in Florida. In just a few minutes of searching, we had a phone number and a map to his house.

Damien seized on this, and began to hound Goedert for an interview (through a polite letter actually.) Goedert remained strangely silent, but then Damien managed to contact Buddy Pendergrass through Dennic Dalcin of the Lears. The dam burst, and other members of the band came forward with stories of how the band came to be. Damien did most of the investigation in those days, with the help of some other dedicated fans that i regretfully do not recall the name of right now. I was the webmaster for the original White Witch website, transcribing all of Damien’s handwritten notes, and putting together the crude HTML. I think it was earlier than 2000, more like ’97 or ’98…

Damien had already driven me crazy for years with White Witch. He played the band for me shortly after we met, and began trading records, and i didn’t get it at all. He’d delight throwing the album on for years, in odd moments, if only to test the mettle of his friends, or drive out unwanted houseguests. It wasn’t until i was drafted into the White Witch resurrection that i finally began to appreciate the band.

White Witch “Crystallize & Realize” This is far and away my favorite White Witch song. In a peculiar way, it reminds me if Fairfield Parlour decided to go space-glam.

White Witch “You’re the One” I love the dippy keyboard-flute flourishes, the swooning Abbey Road backing vocals, and that embarrassingly enough, even when White Witch used to bug me, i had the damned melody lodged in my skull. It blows my mind listening to it on headphones just now, that i never caught that brief outro that goes into a variation of Row, Row, Row Your Boat, capturing the wistful childishness of White Witch’s lighter, more melodic tracks.

Ari Fleischer turns on Libby

Firedoglake is nailing down all of the details in great detection work, and shows that Ari Fleischer was the third man involved in frontlines of the Plame leak (with the other two being Libby and Rove, obviously,) and seems to have flipped. It was already known from the indictments that he will be be a witness for the prosecution, but his testimony is definitely going to be one of the highlights knowing that.

This is going to be televised, right? Damn… i hope that i’m not asking for too much.

Maybe too much would be asking for a future indictment of Cheney for conspiracy of a violation of the Intelligence Identities Protection Act or the Espionage Act. That would blow my mind.

more on the Bosnian pyramid

The blog Unjournaled has a lot more details. The second, goofier story that i posted earlier was not a distortion, but what Osmanagić actually claims. My imagination is definitely captured, but i’d be a lot more sympathetic if wildly implausible dates like 12,000 years old were not being tossed about.

The reporting that there is a claim of a possible second pyramid is also true. Osmanagić believes that the companion pyramid would be the hill of Križž, which would serve as temple of the moon to Visočica’s temple of the sun.

(via Archaeoblog.)

Sun City Girls’ fingerprints all over my indie rock

Sun City Girls “Rubbing Stamp Icons” Yes, i’m still on that tear connecting Deerhoof to Yes. The Sun City Girls manage to connect some more dots on how unwanky prog survived the ’80s, in a most unlikely turn of events.

Sun City Girls “Kickin’ the Dragon” I didn’t pay attention to who produced the new Animal Collective album, but it turns out to be Scott Colburn, picked because of his work with the Sun City Girls. While Colburn doesn’t seem to have anything to do with 330,003 Crossdressers From Beyond the Big Veda, it was nice to see the connnection in print.

Bosnian pyramid?

Slickdpdx clued me in on this:

A Sarajevo-born researcher said he has discovered an ancient pyramid in the hills of central Bosnia.

Semir Osmanagic said Visocica Hill, about 18 miles from Sarajevo, is actually a pyramid built by people who were the first inhabitants of the Balkans.

The researcher said the hill, which is about 2,300 feet high, is man-made.

The hill includes sandstone slabs 17 feet below the surface. Sandstone, he said, is not a naturally occurring rock in the area.

Osmanagic said he will use aerial and satellite imagery and underground radar studies of the area to prove his theory.

The video is here. The reporter says Osmanagic proposes that if this is indeed a pyramid, then it’s made by the Illyrians. If this somehow turns out to be true, that seems way too recent to me, as that’s only 1,000 BC. Looking at this timeline, i’d lay odds that it’s some other culture contemporaneous with the Minoans, but that’s just me making junk up. (They loved cyclopean work projects. Maybe a neighbor wanted to compete.)

Please note that there is an even wackier take on this story:

A team of American and Bosnian archaeologists claim to have found two new pyramids buried under hills in Central Europe.

The scientists say they found ancient labyrinths and other sand stone buildings under two unusually shaped hills in central Bosnia.

They believe the ruins indicate the hills were once human settlements, probably built by a stone age “super” civilisation tens of thousands of years ago.

They are now trying to locate ancient stairs that would lead them to the entry of the pyramids.

Two pyramids? Labyrinths? Stairs?

Woo boy….

new issue of Antigravity

The new issue of Antigravity (one of the New Orleans music zines) is online for download. They have an assessment of what damage different music clubs took (with photos of TwiRoPa’s destruction,) and some interviews with local artists on their future plans. Bipolaroid says that they are still working on that album due for a spring 2006 release. Did i ever mention that band? They seem to love a lot of the same British psychedelia that i love.

I’ve also been lax in putting up a link to the compilation of New Orleans band for victims of Katrina, Sounds Below Sea Level.

Libby gets indictment. Rove still under investigation.

Although i know that this investigation is far from over, i was hoping that Rove would be nailed down sooner rather than later. In reading firedoglake,she points to a Reuters story:

One lawyer involved in the case said the attorneys made final appeals to Fitzgerald to try to avoid indictment, raising the prospect of last-minute plea agreements.

When asked whether Rove was trying to negotiate Fitzgerald down to a lesser charge, Luskin responded: “False.”

Talking Points Memo says that this grand jury’s term can be extended another eighteen months. Most recently Fitzgerald has been following the path of the Nigerian yellowcake uranium sale forgeries. It’s wild speculation, but could Rove be connected to that mess?

(DOH! Not a special grand jury! A new one must be seated.)